Hello! Thank you for joining me today and tuning in! In this video I show you a powerful NLP technique that is used widely around the world to help with fears and phobias. This technique is also featured in my book. 

We are born with just 2 fears! The fear of noise and the fear of falling. Everything else has been learned. Let me explain. 

“THE treatment was like magic.” 

Simply described, the technique works by allowing the traumatised individual, whilst in a safe relaxed state, to reprocess the traumatic memory so that it becomes stored as an ‘ordinary’, albeit unpleasant, and non- threatening memory rather than one that continually activates a terror response. This is achieved by enabling the memory to be shifted in the brain from the amygdala to the neocortex.

The amygdala’s role is to alert us to danger and stimulate the body’s ‘fight or fight’ reaction. Normally, all initial sensations associated with a threatening experience are passed to the amygdala and formed into a sensory memory, which in turn is passed on to the hippocampus and from there to the neocortex where it is translated into a verbal or narrative memory and stored. When an event appears life-threatening, however, there can be sudden information overload and the sensory memories stay trapped in the amygdala instead of being passed on to, and made sense of by the neocortex. While trapped in the amygdala, the trauma memory has no identifiable meaning. It cannot be described, only re-experienced in some sensory form, such as panic attacks or flashbacks. The rewind technique allows that sensory memory to be converted into narrative, and be put into perspective.

The key component in the NLP phobia treatment is the dissociation. We need to disconnect from the emotions whilst performing the  techniques. 

*Please note this must be carried out by a fully accredited trained NLP practitioner for maximum change and effect. 

In this video I talk about a clients journey to help you understand the process I am using. In this instance the client is afraid of flying and has recently developed the fear. 

Please watch the video below and if I can help you with any fears or phobias please get in touch! Id love to help you break free and live life to the full. 

With greatest thanks to Richard Bandler who created the original fast phobia technique.

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