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I specialise in supporting professionals such as CEOs, business owners, and senior management in navigating the challenges that can impact mental health. Having collaborated closely with numerous individuals in similar roles, I understand the unique pressures you face. The demanding nature, high stakes, and competitive environment inherent in your profession can often exact a toll on well-being. Yet, I've also witnessed remarkable transformations where individuals like you have not only persevered but emerged stronger, more resilient, and ultimately happier.

Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM): Holistic Healing for Mind, Body, and Soul

Our CAM-based coaching approach incorporates the principles outlined in my book, "It All Starts from the Inside: A Guide to Wellness," emphasising the four pillars of health: Eat, Sleep, Relax, and Exercise. These fundamental aspects of well-being are intricately linked to your overall vitality and play a crucial role in managing stress and enhancing confidence. Through personalised coaching sessions, we help you align your lifestyle with these pillars, fostering a sense of balance and harmony in your life.

Experience Deep Transformation: Empowering Your Inner Potential

Our approach is multifaceted, integrating cutting-edge methodologies: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. This powerful combination allows us to facilitate deep-level changes at the subconscious level, where we can reprogram and reframe old behaviour's, replacing them with empowering and constructive patterns.

I am deeply proud of our proven track record in coaching senior professionals towards transformative growth. Many of our clients, initially in positions similar to yours, have since experienced profound shifts in their lives. They've embraced renewed purpose, discovered true happiness, and attained a harmonious balance between professional achievement and personal fulfilment. Their journeys vividly illustrate the effectiveness of our coaching methodology.


Hayley really helped me to look at all aspects of my life and work out what was my priority and what I most valued. This helped me to gain focus, motivation and a positive outlook towards my future. Every session we had, it was clear progress was being made. Hayley is calm, patient and a real motivator as well as being able to take the stress out of any possible obstacle. Hayley uses a range of techniques that are tailored to you and I would highly recommend her if you are feeling a bit lost in life.

Karen Buckley

Hayley has extraordinary skill and expertise. I sought her help to deal my situational anxiety. I was suffering from intense fear of specific work situations, which had been building up over years until it had become disabling for me. After a few sessions with Hayley, I found I was able to face the tasks I had feared with more equanimity.

Penny  Davison

I am so grateful to Hayley for an amazing , life-changing experience. Just a few sessions already made a huge difference and I cannot wait to move on to our next transformational program. During these unusual and difficult times Hayley taught me means of dealing with anxiety and just be better me. Now I have a better mood, concentration and motivation every single day and I am starting every morning with the smile.

Savva Kurinov

My experience with Hayley has been wonderful. A very professional approach to ensure you received the very best. The attention Hayley gives into each session is phenomenal. I feel so much better in such a short space of time.

Sophie Davies

Hayley has opened my eyes and changed my life for the better. Which I never thought was possible after suffering with stress & depression for over 4 years. But now thinking positive and finally feeling like the best version of myself.

Daryl Haywood

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What are the signs of stress?

  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Irritable & short tempered
  • Find it difficult to relax
  • Making bad decisions
  • Increased alcohol, snacking, caffine or smoking
  • Chest pain or a feeling like your heart is racing
  • High blood pressure
  • Stomach or digestive problems

Managing stress will help you

  • Sleep better
  • Understand your nutritional needs by eating well
  • Less muscle tensions
  • Manage your emotional state
  • Improve relationships
  • Introduce and maintain health habits
  • Improve exercise
  • Improve work-life balance and create peace of mind

Your Complimentary Copy: "It All Starts from the Inside: A Guide to Wellness"

As our valued coaching client, you will receive a complimentary copy of our book, "It All Starts from the Inside: A Guide to Wellness," which serves as a roadmap for your well-being journey. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the four pillars of health, stress management strategies, and the transformative power of journaling. It is our gift to you, designed to complement and enrich your coaching experience.


Hayley Austin FACCPH

Transformational Executive Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Trainer & Author.

Common Questions

CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine – basically, it's a cool approach to health and well-being that's a bit different from the usual.

Think of it as a mix of various methods that work together to make you feel awesome. We're talking about things like NLP (that's Neuro-Linguistic Programming – a way to tweak your thoughts for the better), life coaching (for supercharging your life goals), mentoring (to guide you like a pro), and even clinical hypnotherapy (to tap into your mind's potential).

It's like having a warm cup of tea for your mind and soul – all in one! So, if you're ready to explore a whole new way of boosting your well-being, a CAM coach is here to guide you on this exciting journey. 

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Ready to find out more?

Take advantage of a free, no obligation Video or telephone coaching consultation, because positive results start right here.

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