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Hi, I'm Hayley, AKA Mrs Powers

Certified Global Life & Business Coach for the ambitious

Your Journey to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life Begins here. I am dedicated to helping you become unstoppable in life. The way you feel about a change can have a big effect on its outcome. I am compassionate and I do not judge. I am a progress-oriented coach who teaches the best modern methods and strategies guaranteeing you personal and professional success! working with legal professional's, corporates, freelancers and business owners to refine, augment and advance everything from mindset, personal struggles to business strategy.



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Anxiety Relief & Depression Support


Reclaim your life and re-discover who you are. Become the best version of you.

Self Esteem & Confidence Personal Development


Change starts with you. Build your confidence and feel empowered.

Improve Worklife Balance Stress Management


Reduce and manage your stress levels. Create balance and peace of mind.

Mentoring, Development & Business Growth


Create a personal growth plan, become unstuck and empower you.

Fears and Phobias Rapid Behaviour Change


Become free of your fear or phobia, with a breakthrough session.

Freedom From Anxiety Paperback or Ebook


Tools & strategies to ease stress, re discover who you are and reclaim your life.

My Mission

"To help clients find balance and happiness by providing them with personalised programs and coaching services that are focused on improving their mental and emotional health. My collaborative approach and use of modern psychotherapy NLP techniques, Clinical hypnotherapy and Life Coaching help me connect deeply with the clients’ subconscious minds. By tapping into the power of the mind, energy can be directed towards achieving both Life & Business goals and a healthy wellbeing."


How to break FREE of stress even when you think you have tried everything else!

Stress is our body's reaction triggered to help protect us from fear or danger. Stress can also be helpful and can motivate us to complete  and meet daily demands at home and work. However, when stress makes us feel overwhelmed and unable to cope its time to get help! Long term stress effects our mental heath and wellness.

Download my stress management guide and take the first step to discovering peace of mind.

  • What can trigger stress.
  • How stress & anxiety effect both the mind and body.
  • The 3 stages of stress.
  • Tips on how to manage stress.
  • Breathing Exercise.
  • Guided meditation - To calm the mind

Ready to talk?

Take advantage of a free, no obligation telephone coaching consultation, because positive results start right here.