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Hayley Austin Award Winning Behaviour Change Life & Business Coach and Best Selling Author

How often do you feel stressed and anxious? Perhaps you have lost your self worth and and self sabotage. Too tired to get out of bed from a restless night sleep, but yet have sudden bouts of energy. You feel exhausted, and have been avoiding social situations. Perhaps you have been developing bad habits, such as drinking too much caffeine just to get through the day! Perhaps you are feeling anxious and have been suffering from panic attacks! Is this you? I understand, I get it! I have been there myself, before finding freedom though Nero-Linguistic Programming, a psychotherapy and personal development. Working with me is the first step to investing and reinventing you. 

As an award winning fully accredited master behavioural Life Coach working in Huddersfield, I do take on clients from the whole of the UK. My approach is compassionate and I do not judge, Transformational coaching will make happiness a habit, and banish limiting beliefs, stress, and anxiety. Stop you from being stuck. Let’s take you from where you are now and focus on where you want to be. Design a life worth living.

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My Mission

"To help clients find balance and happiness by providing them with personalised programs and coaching services that are focused on improving their mental and emotional health. My collaborative approach and use of modern psychotherapy NLP techniques, Clinical hypnotherapy and Life Coaching help me connect deeply with the clients’ subconscious minds. By tapping into the power of the mind, energy can be directed towards achieving goals and a healthy wellbeing."


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Stress, anxiety and depression

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Self esteem and confidence personal development

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Relationship coaching

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Breakfree of addictions

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Renew YOU, Love Your Life

Are you ready to live your BEST life? Reconnect to your vitality with my 3 month "Renew You, Love Your Life!" Online Coaching Program. Get ready to take stock, take action and get happy!

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Take advantage of a free, no obligation telephone coaching consultation, because positive results start right here.

"Blown away.. or hopefully soon. Loosing weight is hard as I comfort ate when I was stressed and ate from boredom- a bad combo. Since being hypnotised by Hayley it’s completely different. Instant mindshift meant I had no interest in naughty food- I’ve saved a fortune in shopping as I want to plan meals and stick to it. Looking forward to going back for help with other areas. Hayley - you’re a genius x"

Louise Lowe

"Hayley is brilliant at what she does. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, with no judgment. I would highly recommend her services to anybody. Thankyou so much for helping me overcome my issues"

Stephanie Skelly

"Hayley is an inspiration. A wonderful coach and entrepreneur. She has value for everyone xx"

Louise Adams

"What a fabulous experience. Not only was it the most relaxing hour of my life so far, but the hypnotherapy worked a treat too. It won't be long before I put it to the ultimate test and book a flight. Thanks so much Hayley."

Maxine Morris

"Hayley being from a corporate back ground, and as a business owner has a professional results driven style of coaching." Former ex corporate Head of Investment Sales for Barclays"

Mark Shields

"Hayley is extremely professional and inspires others to strive for success and personal development, in my personal life I have suffered from depression and anxiety over the last 4 years with this increasing in severity over the last 12 months. When I met Hayley, I felt anxious constantly and was unable to sleep and relax. I also didn’t value myself or my relationships in the way that I should. Hayley helped me get past lots of my issues & did some hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy & reprogrammed some elements of the way I viewed my thoughts viewed myself and the way I viewed my life I feel so much better for using Hayley’s service, I feel inspired and positive & empowered by the changes Hayley has helped me to implement within my life."

Laurence Matley

Went to see Hayley at a low point - her infectious enthusiasm and positive, practical suggestions helped to give me more focus and set me on the road to recovery.

D. Bilton

WOW what a lady! I wasn't sure what to expect from NLP or what to expect when meeting Hayley. I needed focus in my life, NLP and Hayley have certainly given me that. Love working with her!


“Hayley is very kind and caring and has huge desire to help people break free from the chains of anything that maybe holding you back and move forward in life. I had the pleasure of working with Hayley for a week and can highly recommend her hypnotherapy regression work. Hayley makes you feel relaxed, safe and secure enabling you to obtain the full benefits of this type of work, explaining everything in detail, ensuring you feel completely supported and safe. It’s very important if you are considering experiencing any work like this you go to an accredited therapist (which Hayley is) who has the skills and knowledge to support you should you regress to a traumatic , painful event.” 


"For the last 22 years if someone mentioned flying anywhere, the excuses would flood in. I would rather walk and swim (usually drive then ferry) than fly.
After a bad flight and a fall into a lift-shaft at work I had no head for heights at all.
Anyway, the day came when my better half wanted a family holiday in Lanzarote for her birthday. Instantly the fear and anxiety set in. The sleepless nights, the wretching and sickly feelings. I really would have preferred to drive and meet them there! I was that scared.
Then an in-law mentioned Hayley and the therapeutic treatments and how she could help me overcome these fears.
I booked a course of hypnosis, which in all honesty I was dubious about but was willing to try anything. I had 3 sessions. After the first I was thinking am I doing the right thing but as the week went on I became more settled.
After the second session I could think about getting on a plane without the wretching and I slept better.
After the third session there was no stopping me taking that flight, I could not believe the change in me. I could have flew it.
I was a little nervous with the turbulence but I went into hypnosis mode and breezed it.
Honestly, I have waisted 22 years! I’ve always wanted to go to America and now I can. And I don’t have to swim the ocean to get there! All thanks to Master NLP Practitioner Haley Austin. Without her work and help I would still be grounded, if she can help me she can help anyone and that is the truth.
Thank you Hayley it was fate."

Darren Speight