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Hayley Austin Award Winning Behaviour Change Life & Business Coach and Best Selling Author

How often do you feel stressed and anxious? Perhaps you have lost your self worth and and self sabotage. Too tired to get out of bed from a restless night sleep, but yet have sudden bouts of energy. You feel exhausted, and have been avoiding social situations. Perhaps you have been developing bad habits, such as drinking too much caffeine just to get through the day! Perhaps you are feeling anxious and have been suffering from panic attacks! Is this you? I understand, I get it! I have been there myself, before finding freedom though Nero-Linguistic Programming, a psychotherapy and personal development. Working with me is the first step to investing and reinventing you. 

As an award winning fully accredited master behavioural Life Coach working in Huddersfield, I do take on clients from the whole of the UK. My approach is compassionate and I do not judge, Transformational coaching will make happiness a habit, and banish limiting beliefs, stress, and anxiety. Stop you from being stuck. Let’s take you from where you are now and focus on where you want to be. Design a life worth living.

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My Mission

"To help clients find balance and happiness by providing them with personalised programs and coaching services that are focused on improving their mental and emotional health. My collaborative approach and use of modern psychotherapy NLP techniques, Clinical hypnotherapy and Life Coaching help me connect deeply with the clients’ subconscious minds. By tapping into the power of the mind, energy can be directed towards achieving goals and a healthy wellbeing."


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Stress, anxiety and depression

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Self esteem and confidence personal development

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Fears and phobias breakthrough programme

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Relationship coaching

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NLP coaching for business

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FREE guide to stress management

3 Strategies for Stress Management even if you think you have tried everything else!

Renew YOU, Love Your Life

Are you ready to live your BEST life? Reconnect to your vitality with my 3 month "Renew You, Love Your Life!" Online Coaching Program. Get ready to take stock, take action and get happy!

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Take advantage of a free, no obligation telephone coaching consultation, because positive results start right here.