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So many of us are successful but not happy, and it’s my mission to help you re-evaluate your life.  My philosophy for achieving success for you is simple – if you believe you deserve more I can help you get it.

If you want to make positive and big changes in your life, Together we will help you develop and grow into the person you want to be. You are not alone! We will discover your own path and way forwards.

Life Coaching can help with...

We work together to align your values and beliefs to ultimately discover your true and best self. Everyday anxiety’s can cloud our vision and stop us from moving forwards with our lives. Become fearless in the pursuit of happiness. Success will soon follow with your confidence, both in business and personal.  By focussing on getting the life you want by setting goals and having clarity, you will feel like you can take on the world and be ready for the next chapter in your life. I aim to provide a high quality professional coaching service, which serves the needs and interest of my clients.

Although I am based in Huddersfield, I do take on clients from the whole of the UK.  My approach is compassionate and I do not judge, Transformational coaching will make happiness a habit, and banish limiting belief’s, anxiety’s and stop you from being stuck. Let’s take you from where you are now and focus on where you want to be.

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"Have more awareness of your thoughts, mindset, and self-talk gives you a better understanding of yourself. Encourage a commitment to action and development of lasting personal growth and change."

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Online Coaching 1:1

Wherever you happen to be in life, and whatever challenges you’re facing right now, our online life coaching programme provides you with the step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountability and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the quickest way possible.

Using techniques, to get the best results for you.

Online 1:1 sessions available.

1:1 Local Coaching available.

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Life Biz Bootcamp Calling! Take control of your life...

Grab my FREE work books and guides, I know you will find these of value.  I offer 1:1 Coaching online and offline. Contact me for your Free 45 minute discovery call. Click below to grab your free guide today.

  • Get more confidence
  • Wellbeing tips
  • Self esteem
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Goal setting
  • Self esteem
  • Stress management
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How to identify your 'Blockers to Change'

Wow! What a great interview with Tee Liburd. We spoke about CAM Coaching (complementary and  alternative medicine) The benefits of coaching and the techniques used. I spoke a little about NLP and Hypnotherapy. Talking about my life journey during the interview. I do hope I have inspired. The interview was a great experience. If you want to listen to my story and to learn more about Life Coaching, click below.



Take on A belief of Excellence to give yourself new choices

I can show you how to write your own life scripts and tab into the resources you want. For example, think of a situation where you would like more choices and where you can use your beliefs to make a difference to what you want. This can help your awareness of your environment and benefit you in any given situation. Values and beliefs are so important to our everyday lives, let’s use them to make a better version of you!

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How to Goal set and take ACTION

My coaching sessions will teach you different methods, specifically suited to your needs, which will help you to set goals and show you how to take action, using methods that are unique to you. How often do you think of something that you want to achieve and say “it can wait until tomorrow”? Tomorrow never comes. I can show you how to prioritise your goals and maximise your chances of achieving them.

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How to identify your 'Blockers to Change'

What are the areas in your life where are you wanting/needing to make changes? What areas in your life do you need to look at that are blocking you from being the best version of yourself? I can help you visualise at least 3 areas of your life that need to be simplified. Some examples of blockers in our daily lives are; procrastination, imagining difficulties ahead, distractions and intellectualising what you want rather than just getting on with it. I can also help with fears, anxiety and depression.

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"Keep on believing and improve yourself. Only you can make a difference." Hayley Austin - NLP Life Transformation Coach

"Blown away.. or hopefully soon. Loosing weight is hard as I comfort ate when I was stressed and ate from boredom- a bad combo. Since being hypnotised by Hayley it’s completely different. Instant mindshift meant I had no interest in naughty food- I’ve saved a fortune in shopping as I want to plan meals and stick to it. Looking forward to going back for help with other areas. Hayley - you’re a genius x"

Louise Lowe

"Hayley is brilliant at what she does. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, with no judgment. I would highly recommend her services to anybody. Thankyou so much for helping me overcome my issues"

Stephanie Skelly

"Hayley is an inspiration. A wonderful coach and entrepreneur. She has value for everyone xx"

Louise Adams

"What a fabulous experience. Not only was it the most relaxing hour of my life so far, but the hypnotherapy worked a treat too. It won't be long before I put it to the ultimate test and book a flight. Thanks so much Hayley."

Maxine Morris

"Hayley being from a corporate back ground, and as a business owner has a professional results driven style of coaching." Former ex corporate Head of Investment Sales for Barclays"

Mark Shields

"Hayley is extremely professional and inspires others to strive for success and personal development, in my personal life I have suffered from depression and anxiety over the last 4 years with this increasing in severity over the last 12 months. When I met Hayley, I felt anxious constantly and was unable to sleep and relax. I also didn’t value myself or my relationships in the way that I should. Hayley helped me get past lots of my issues & did some hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy & reprogrammed some elements of the way I viewed my thoughts viewed myself and the way I viewed my life I feel so much better for using Hayley’s service, I feel inspired and positive & empowered by the changes Hayley has helped me to implement within my life."

Laurence Matley