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Hayley Austin

Member of the ACCPH, BAThH, IPHM, GHR and CNHC

Welcome! I'm Hayley Austin, also known as Mrs. Powers. As a British Coach, I have the privilege of working with clients both in the UK and around the world. With numerous accolades to my name, I am a highly esteemed Global CAM (Complimentary & Alternative Medicine) Transformational Coaching Specialist. In addition, I am a skilled trainer in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Life Coaching.

If you find yourself grappling with stress, anxiety, depression, or any other challenges in life, take a moment to breathe deeply. You've arrived at the perfect destination, and I'm thrilled to have you here. My ultimate goal is to assist my clients in achieving equilibrium and happiness. I offer an extensive array of stress management and personal development programs, as well as coaching services tailored to enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

Together, we embark on a journey to tap into the immense potential of your subconscious mind. By stimulating healthier thought patterns and encouraging behavioral changes, we lay the foundation for positive transformations in your life. Allow me to guide you towards a brighter future filled with harmony and contentment.


I have over ten years of experience and knowledge in this industry and have developed the following areas of expertise:

  • Life coaching
  • Stress management
  • Business coaching for new CAM and existing coaches
  • Executive coaching
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Fears & phobias
  • Rapid break through programs

Having worked in senior management as a high flyer and working across the globe, in the private sector. I personally know how stress and anxiety can effect us. My passion for this work was born from my own mental health struggles and the path I took to overcome them.

I decided to start my own business in 2012 using all the skills I had acquired and quickly grew the business from the ground up, but I felt that something was missing—a meaningful purpose. Soon after, I discovered complementary alternative medicine (CAM) coaching and decided to train with the Life Practice Group.

To further expand my knowledge, I received certifications as an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and as a Master Hypnotherapist and spent years developing my qualifications in modern psychology.  Applying this work to my life changed my whole existence, and I feel humble to help others break free from their struggles using this life-changing body of work.


I have received some incredible honour's for my work. In 2019, I won the Rising Star Award after publishing my book Freedom from Anxiety and experiencing impressive growth in my clinic. In 2020, I won Clinic of the Year Award for my contribution to the CAM coaching industry, continued clinic growth, and inspiring client transformations. In addition to operating my coaching practice, I also have the honour of working as a Course Director and trainer for the Life Practice Group—my alma mater.


I am incredibly passionate about mentoring, guiding, and coaching people to gain a renewed sense of focus, purpose, and confidence. I firmly believe that by changing your thought patterns, you can change your life. I’ve seen it time and time again in my clients and I eagerly look forward to walking with you through this life-changing work.

I am an executive member of the IPHM. Fellow member of the ACCPH. Registered hypnotherapist with the GHR and registered practitioner with the CNHC.  I follow a strict code of ethics and code of conduct.




Hayley Austin FACCPH

CAM Transformational Coaching Specialist, Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT & Life Coaching. Course director, Author & Educator.



CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine – basically, it's a cool approach to health and well-being that's a bit different from the usual.

Think of it as a mix of various methods that work together to make you feel awesome. We're talking about things like NLP (that's Neuro-Linguistic Programming – a way to tweak your thoughts for the better), life coaching (for supercharging your life goals), mentoring (to guide you like a pro), and even clinical hypnotherapy (to tap into your mind's potential).

It's like having a warm cup of tea for your mind and soul – all in one! So, if you're ready to explore a whole new way of boosting your well-being, a CAM coach is here to guide you on this exciting journey. 

Lau M
August 18, 2023

I’m loving working with Hayley, the mix of coaching and hypnotherapy has been beyond helpful. I love how Hayley tailors each session rather than using a one size fits all approach. I feel like she really listens and takes on board what I respond well to and what I enjoy, and makes the sessions work for me. Hayley will also check in regularly with me to help keep me accountable and I know she’ll be around if I need her support.

susan ashford
July 2, 2023

I have been privileged to work with Hayley Austin and gain the Integrated Diploma in Transformational Coaching - Masters. As a trainer Hayley's knowledge, skill and passion is demonstrated in a clear and enthusiastic way that allows you to understand and learn - and want to keep learning more! Hayley is very intuitive and gives every question and comment full consideration and respect always giving you the time to process and comprehend fully. Hayley is not just exceptionally brilliant at being a trainer and coach but is also very funny, kind and open. Her willingness to share her own back story is inspirational and motivational and working with her has changed my life in a very good way and for this I will always be grateful - thank you Hayley.

Chris Leather
July 1, 2023

Hayley is just a brilliant inspiring person, having just recently qualified for mastery under her training and guidance Hayley's training skills & personal coaching skills are exceptional. Her extensive skills & knowledge as a trainer and a life coach have helped me as a person and given me clear direction to follow my dreams. Hayley's exceptional abilities to guide you through change and show and tell her skills are really thought provoking (Superb role model for everyone). Anyone lucky enough to work with Hayley will reap the rewards. Thank you Hayley for everything 🙂

Natalie Riede
June 29, 2023

I had the incredible privilege of having Hayley Austin as my course trainer, mentor, and coach on my journey to become a fully certified Master Practitioner, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Hayley's exceptional qualities as a professional and a human being have truly made a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth. From the moment I started my training, Hayley's kindness and patience shone through. She created a nurturing and supportive environment, allowing me to explore and develop my skills with confidence. Her genuine care for her students is evident in every interaction, and she goes above and beyond to ensure our success. Hayley's professionalism is unmatched. Her expertise in the field of coaching, NLP, and hypnotherapy is evident in the wealth of knowledge she imparts. She is a true master in her craft, and her passion for helping others achieve their full potential is contagious. One of the aspects I admire most about Hayley is her ability to provide excellent constructive criticism. She has a remarkable talent for offering feedback in a way that is both insightful and encouraging. Her feedback has been invaluable in refining my skills and pushing me to new heights. With Hayley's guidance, I have grown immensely, both personally and professionally. But it's not just about the knowledge and expertise. Hayley's compassion sets her apart. She genuinely cares about her students' well-being and success. She has a knack for understanding individual needs and tailoring her approach to suit each person's unique journey. Her unwavering support and belief in me have been instrumental in my growth and development. Hayley's expertise in Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy is unparalleled. During the course I have experienced transformative breakthroughs and discovered a newfound sense of empowerment. She created a safe and supportive space where I felt comfortable exploring and addressing my deepest emotions and fears and conquer my limiting beliefs. Her skillful application of these techniques has facilitated profound shifts in my perspective and understanding. Her compassionate approach combined with her deep knowledge of these modalities has allowed me to tap into the power of my subconscious mind and make lasting positive changes If you are considering embarking on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and professional mastery, I wholeheartedly recommend Hayley Austin as your trainer, mentor or coach. She is a shining example of what a true leader in the industry should be. With Hayley by your side, you can trust that you will receive the guidance, knowledge, and support needed to achieve your goals and surpass your own expectations. Thank you, Hayley, for being the extraordinary mentor and coach that you are. Your kindness, patience, professionalism, and compassionate guidance have forever impacted my life. I am grateful beyond words.

Karen Buckley
May 9, 2023

Hayley really helped me to look at all aspects of my life and work out what was my priority and what I most valued. This helped me to gain focus, motivation and a positive outlook towards my future. Every session we had, it was clear progress was being made. Hayley is calm, patient and a real motivator as well as being able to take the stress out of any possible obstacle. Hayley uses a range of techniques that are tailored to you and I would highly recommend her if you are feeling a bit lost in life.

Benjamin Lodge
February 1, 2023

I have always struggled with fixating over particular issues which would take over my headspace. Hayley has allowed me to free myself from this negative headspace through supporting my subconscious mind and provide strategies to help me overcome this. I can’t thank Hayley enough for her supportive, caring and considerate nature in the sessions. I would recommend Hayley to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life. No need to search any further as she is the woman for you!

Sharon Prince
January 14, 2023

My sessions with Hayley have made a really positive impact on my health and well-being. Patient, professional and very engaging, Hayley made each session count and she was very responsive to my needs. Whilst our sessions have now finished, I continue to use my personalised hypnotherapy recordings and reap the benefits. I would gladly go back to Hayley in the future if the need arises again. It’s been a real pleasure, thank you Hayley.

Nick Crabtree
December 8, 2022

I'm so glad I found Hayley, the support and progress since starting to the Ultimate Transformational 3 Month journey has been fundamental to bring about the change that I really needed. Hayley is a great listener, supportive and compassionate.

Nick Anderson
November 29, 2022

Took a leap, and so glad I did! I’ve had several sessions and feeling more and more like the best version of myself. Hayley is a true professional, and she goes above and beyond (sending recordings, extra studies, very responsive, etc). Highly recommend!

Savva Kurinov
July 6, 2022

I am so grateful to Hayley for an amazing , life-changing experience. Just a few sessions already made a huge difference and I cannot wait to move on to our next transformational program. During these unusual and difficult times Hayley taught me means of dealing with anxiety and just be better me. Now I have a better mood , concentration and motivation every single day and I am starting every morning with the smile. Thank you so much Hayley for everything Savva

Jenny Dempsey
March 15, 2022

Hayley is really easy to talk to and open up to and her knowledge on coaching and progression is exemplary. I got a lot out of my sessions with her.

Dee B
December 2, 2021

Hayley is a high quality life coach delivering an A* service! From the comfort of my own home I have undergone some life changing sessions with Hayley helping me with anxiety, confidence and just mapping out the future I see and deserve! Not having to leave my house to go to an office for the sessions has helped the process be much more productive as I can remain rested and reflective afterwards. With some activities to do in between sessions, this has also kept me challenged and motivated. Highly recommended and well worth the investment.

Sophie Davies
October 4, 2021

My experience with Hayley has been wonderful. I was extremely nervous prior to my sessions, but Hayley instantly put my mind at ease, with clear, honest communication. A very professional approach to ensure you received the very best. The attention Hayley gives into each session is phenomenal, so much care and thought is given to ensure each session provides the very best support and development needed. I'm so glad I took this opportunity to improve and work on myself with the guided help from Hayley, I feel so much better in such a short space of time. I've gained such great life skills. The kindness Hayley has shown me has been and even greater support during this period.

Henny Penny
May 15, 2021

Hayley has extraordinary skill and expertise. I sought her help to deal my situational anxiety. I was suffering from intense fear of specific work situations, which had been building up over years until it had become disabling for me. After a few sessions with Hayley, I found I was able to face the tasks I had feared with more equanimity. I was able to manage them successfully and to feel better about myself and my abilities. She has equipped me with some powerful self- help techniques. Thank you so much, Hayley.

I loved my sessions with Hayley. I learnt a lot about my values and needs abs it allowed me to get clear on what I want for my life. I loved all the hypnotherapy sessions and felt so relaxed and invigorated at the same time. Feeling great!

liobhan clancy
March 20, 2021

Hayley is an amazing coach! I loved our sessions together. If you are considering working with her I would definitely say go for it!

Jordan Steadman
February 13, 2021

I just want to thank hayley for how she has changed my life for the better, one of my really good friends put me in touch with her as he was having treatment and I noticed how much it had effected him over the last few months and I figured I needed change too. At first I was skeptical because of how things would work with the current pandemic, and the sessions being carried out over zoom but to my amazement so far so good the treatment and sessions have been top class. Never did I imagine being sent into a deep form of hypnosis via a zoom meeting but even on the first session I was blown away, if you are having doubts I can 100% confirm from my experience that hayley is very well reaserched and knows exactly what she is doing and to top it off IT WORKS!!!!

deborah Davison
November 18, 2020

I have been working with Hayley on my business for a couple of months now. I have to say it was the best investment I have made. Hayley totally got me from the beginning. She is a genius with all things technical and takes me through it patiently step by step. Our sessions are productive and fun. Nothing is too much trouble! Thank you Hayley for your continuous encouragement and support. Debs x

Daryl Haywood
November 10, 2020

First of all I would like to thank Hayley, she has opened my eyes and changed my life for the better. Which I never thought was possible after suffering with depression for over 4 years. But now thinking positive and finally feeling like the best version of myself.

November 10, 2020

Ive had four sessions with Hayley for a phobia. Not only has it helped immensely with this also in all aspects of my life. She has helped me with self confidence and life goals, i can now see a clear path of the person i want to be,doing the job i want to do. A lovely person with no judgement just friendly but professional. Not only do you receive the sessions but Hayley will send you recordings and personal development to fill in or listen to out side the actual session. I would fully recommend Hayley, for any sort for life counselling. Anne Yull.

Andrew Hawker
October 31, 2020

I found Hayley’s details online and am 2 months in, I needed a life reset after a tough year, Initially unsure of the impact on Zoom, however relaxing in my home while listening to Hayley online has worked really well and I am in a much better place as a result of the coaching and feel confident with my new skills and tools acquired in these sessions to be back leading a balanced life,

Robyn Hemingway
October 16, 2020

Hayley is fantastic! She's an excellent listener, giving me practical advice about tackling anxieties/stresses which act as obstacles for me in my work. She gave me extremely helpful guidance about planning, promoting, marketing, pricing, client on-boarding, relaxation techniques and so much more! I was able to immediately action these and insodoing, I'm starting to believe I can really achieve my full potential in my new business. Will definitely be seeing her on a regular basis! Thank you so much, Hayley!

Amanda Busby
February 24, 2020

I started working with Hayley in November having come to a bit of a crossroads in my life. I was approaching 50 with my first grandchild on the way and wanted to feel like I was doing something worthwhile and wanted my children and grandchildren to feel proud of me. I wanted to restart a career after being out of the workplace for over 10 years. Fast forward 4 months and I have just applied for a job as a wellness coach with WW (formerly weight watchers). Hayley has worked on my confidence, self belief and self esteem without it feeling like she’s even done anything. She is professional but also welcoming and friendly and knows what she is taking about. I feel like a different person than I did when I started. My marriage was on the rocks and I felt lost now I’m facing a new bright future with lots of new challenges to look forward to. I would highly recommend Hayley for any of your issues with life, confidence and self belief.

Rachel Broughton
October 2, 2019

I have Hayley’s fantastic book as well as a variety of her aromatherapy goodies including the pulse points and room sprays. The smells are divine and so relaxing. Highly recommended 💜💜💜

David Bilton
October 2, 2019

Went to see Hayley at a low point - her infectious enthusiasm and positive, practical suggestions helped to give me more focus and set me on the road to recovery.

Sarah Byrnes
September 24, 2019

I tried hayleys well being range and found it high quality and had amazing therapeutic properties. The scents were amazing too. I have also had clinical hypnosis to help stop smoking with hayley and found the whole experience very relaxing and felt safe through the hole session hayley is a very experienced life coach and this really showed in her work.

WOW what a lady! I wasn't sure what to expect from NLP or what to expect when meeting Hayley. I needed focus in my life, NLP and Hayley have certainly given me that. Love working with her!

Sarah Hill
September 24, 2019

I love that Hayley's Wellbeing range is totally natural! I currently have the #4 Clarity Bergamot & Mimosa 100% soy candle, all the oils used are natural too, so this is a great therapeutic range!

lisa Blackburn
September 13, 2019

In to 3rd session of a 12 week block and finding the experiencing useful. It has allowed me time to re-assess what I how dear, my values, who am I and learn to let it go when needed. Still a long way to go but have first rate support in Hayley who helps to build confidence, provide endless support and make you feel relaxed - can’t wait for some management stress buster work!

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