Clinical Hypnotherapy

With workload and a busy schedule, it's becoming more and more difficult to find time for selfcare and our mental health.

Online virtual hypnotherapy is a safe and convenient alternative to face-to-face sessions. It is just as effective as working together in the clinic and follows the same structured approach. It's useful if you are restricted by time, location, commitments or medial conditions, making it accessible to all.

Some people say that they feel even more relaxed and comfortable during meetings because they are in the safety of their own environment.

The purpose of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique is to help you understand and gain control over your behaviour, emotions or physical well-being.

Member of BathH, Fellow Member of the ACCPH, Executive Member of the IPHM. GHR Reg. Registered Practitioner of the CNHC.

As an award winning therapist I pride myself on facilitating client transformations, using modern psychotherapy. Helping you reclaim your life and step into your power.

Hypnotherapy is not some form of magic pill or quick fix either. It requires you to be committed to change and prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality.

By using a combination of revolutionary new techniques, and tried and tested processes that produce RAPID CHANGE, your journey with me is a totally unique experience.

Hypnosis is a natural and effective technique for accessing the subconscious mind - the key to unleashing our potential, changing our unwanted habits and behaviours and finding solutions to our problems and concerns.

The Subconscious part of the mind is where behaviours are crated and once installed run automatically. There are two ways of creating new behaviours. The first way is habitual repetition until the new behaviour becomes a habit. The second way is via hypnosis and accessing the subconscious direct via the theta brainwave state.

Once you have achieved a trance state, me the hypnotherapist uses many different therapeutic methods ranging from simple suggestions to psychoanalysis. For example, I may ask about past, present or future concerns to establish the reasons for the problem. Alternatively I may give suggestions to the subconscious mind aimed at overcoming specific problems such as lack of self confidence.

We will start by talking about your concerns and spend time going through any questions or concerns you may have. We will also look at your medical history. It is very important for me to help you feel comfortable, relaxed in a safe environment.

Goals for therapy are discussed and agreed and a full explanation of hypnosis is provided. Any questions or misconceptions about hypnosis would also be dealt with.

The length of treatments depends on the problem or symptom and your individual's circumstances. With some people a problem like nail biting can be successfully treated in one session. Other problems such as panic attacks can take up to 5 or 6 sessions.

The first session usually lasts one and a half hours with subsequent sessions between an hour and an hour and a half.

Link to the GHR General Hypnotherapy Register


Hayley Austin FACCPH

CAM Coaching Transformational Specialist

Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, master Life Coach, Trainer and Author.

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Hypnotherapy is a state of mind (hypnosis) used to treat conditions or change bad habits.
Nobody can ever be hypnotised against their will and even when hypnotised, people still remain in complete control of any suggestions given.
The whole object of clinical hypnosis is to take back control that has been lost and which has therefore resulted in the symptom or problem.
It is estimated that approximately 85% of people of all age groups will readily respond to hypnosis.

Guided hypnotherapy will help you with , SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE and POSITIVITY,Tackling ANXIETY, PHOBIAS, LOW MOODS, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and much More.

Hypnotherapy Can Help With:

Lifting Low Moods and sadness
Reducing Stress & Anxiety
Improving Self Esteem
Confidence Building
Improving Sleep
And many other issues exacerbated by anxiety......

Regression Therapy

Do you ever get the feeling that something in your past is holding you back from living the life you want in the present? Perhaps it’s something you can’t remember, but you strongly feel that it’s hidden somewhere in your mind? If so, regression therapy might make sense for you. You might be wondering how therapy can help you get in touch with a part of your life that seems lost in your memory. And if you do get in touch with that earlier time, what can you do about it now? Getting the facts about this or any therapy first is the best way to decide whether to pursue it.

Regression therapy is dedicated to uncovering things from your past that may be contributing to your current mental state or harmful habits. There are two types of regression therapy: age regression therapy and past life regression therapy. The first type is designed to target things that may have happened during your childhood, and the second type is to help you resolve issues from your past lives (although it is often used in a more metaphorical capacity). I specialise in age regression. Click the button below to read more.....

Healing River Meditation

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-worked. It often feels like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done.

Meditation is a mental and physical course of action that a person uses to separate themselves from their thoughts and feelings in order to become fully aware. Meditation can help with your mental wellbeing.

I have recorded below a guided meditation for you to enjoy, relax and feel a sense of calm.

  • 8 minute meditation to help calm anxieties and stress.
  • Perfect for helping you to relax at bedtime.
  • I use NLP, hypnosis techniques., recorded by me.
  • A great tool to help you relax, feeling calm and preparing you for a good nights sleep.
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