What makes YOU successful in running a Network Marketing business?

Have you joined a Network Marketing business and been promised it’s the next best thing, you will make lots of money and promised the earth? Have you been left deflated and frustrated?

What is needed to be a success? First of all it’s YOU that makes it a success, and I’ll come back to this statement. It’s not luck!

When choosing a Network Marketing business you need to research the following?

1. How old is the company? Has the company been trading at least 5 years? After 5 years of trading the company should have a good idea if its business model works. Our company has been trading 130 years!

2. Are the prices of the product or service competitive? The industry is all about selling the product or service through distributors in high volume. The more we can sell the more we get paid.

3. Is the product or service of good quality? This goes without saying. You want repeat business. The customer needs to be kept interested. In our business we sell cosmetics, homeware, clothes, perfume and jewellery for example. Therefore keeping the customer spending.

4. Is the company innovative and creative? How much investment has been made to develop new products for example and what research and development has gone into the process.

5. What support is on offer? Find out about the persons business you are joining by speaking to their team members and what support they received. Ask how you will be supported, what tools will you receive and advice.

6. How successful is the person taking you on? Ask them about their business and how long they have been doing it, what success they have made Be that big or small, and what inspired them to join the business. You can never ask to many questions.

7. Self educate yourself. This is a big one for me. I have read some very good inspirational books on network marketing and have a clear understanding on how the industry works. This business is all about people, if your not a people person forget it!

8. Are you self motivated? You need stamina to get you through the ups and downs. Think of a rollercoaster it’s a ride and a long one at that! Network marketing is an average of a 10 year plan.

9. Ease of recruitment. How easy is it to recruit people? Are there any kits to buy, start up costs etc. Our company in my opinion offers one of the best packages with no start up costs or kits to buy or stock holding. If you can offer your product or service with little start up costs, it becomes more appealing to everyone.

10. What is the business structure. Ask to see the commission levels and any bonuses on offer. This business takes time to create residual income, and you need to be sure the business model is right for you. We offer £11,500 in recruitment bonuses in your first year to help with earnings whilst you build up your residual pot. Is there someone in the business earning good money? The person recruiting you, should know the structure and be able to give you good sound advice.

“You make your Network Marketing business a success”

This industry is all about YOU and your teams efforts. You need to be self motivated, have drive and ambition. You need to goal set and plan your next move. Can you duplicate yourself? You are in control of your future. How you deal with rejections, upset and when everything feels like it’s going wrong will determine your level of success. Not everyone will stay in your business, it might not be right for them. Timing is everything! Keep the focus and have a goal big enough to pull you through the bad times. You will develop massively in this business.

I personally coach and mentor my team, and as a result I now have the foundations and growth in my business, which continues to grow. I now refer to my team as OUR team as it’s  no longer all about my efforts. The relationships created is a joy in our business. We are an extended family and provide support and guidance. My work ethics have been duplicated and may that continue.

Through good mentoring, good products, right price and ease of recruitment AVON has been and continues to be a success to me and my family and our team.

If you would like to speak to me on a one to one basis for advice about joining a Network Marketing business or curious to know more about how AVON can work for you then please contact me for a FREE coaching session. Id love to hear from you.

This industry has changed my life, allowed me precious time with my Son whilst building a business. Please feel free to look through my blog to read about my journey and personal level of success and our teams.

Best wishes,

Hails X 



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