Who wants to join me and have a lifestyle business? Residual income?

Hello lovely people

Wow what a crazy year I have had with my Multilevel Marketing Business (MLM). I will never forget the 4th year, it has been my hardest year yet! The good news is I have finished the year on a high, our team sales nearly acheived £80,000 Sales in just 3 weeks. Wow amazing.

If someone had told me joining Avon and building a team would produce these kind of results in just 3 weeks, I’d have laughed! Well it’s all true.

For 4 years I have put my heart and every ounce of energy I had to build my business. I goal set and planned everything. I did all of this with my son, who was 18 months old when I started. I had just moved to Yorkshire and didn’t know anyone. If I can achieve a lifestyle business then so can you!

Yes im going to shout out on the rooftop how awesome my team are, they have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, this business is hardcore! We have stuck at it and the results are showing. My team have also built teams and it’s carried on. Duplication!

This means that that if I need to take time off, I get paid. If I’m ill, I get paid. If I have a 3 week holiday, I still get paid. If you join me, I get paid, if you leave I still get paid. What other self employed business still pays you on your team’s efforts? This industry is AMAZING.

Im looking for a self motivated person with ambition and drive. Someone who wants to build a business and empower others. It will be your business but you are not in this alone. I will mentor you and work with you. We have a award winning team that I am very proud of. Did I say award winning! YES.

Start 2018 with a part time opportunity that works with current commitments.  Online business, work it your way. Be your own boss.

You also have the added benefit of me being a Life Coach.  A life coach is someone who aims to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

A lifestyle business has changed my life and I am so proud of the team. I couldn’t have acheived sales of nearly £80,000 without out them.

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I now have a amazing lifestyle with balance. I am happy and so are my family.

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Best wishes, hope to hear from you soon.

Merry Christmas,

Hails x

P.S. Start 2018 with a life changing opportunity

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