Its the start of a new week and you are faced with going back to work, doing a job that you used to love but now loath. What has happened to the work you used to enjoy? You start questioning your abilities and a sense of an overwhelming defeat is fast approaching. You are struggling to see a way out of this job because its all you have known for many years and did feel safe.

Now let me tell you the good news! You have options, yes YOU DO. You can make a change, or you can simply stay where you are in a job where you no longer feel valued or appreciated. Lets look at making that change.

I can hear you say to me

“i’m stuck its not that simple”?

“I don’t have the skills to look for another job or career opportunity”?

“I don’t have the savings to quit my job whilst I look for work”?

Your career goals or values may have changed, you may have discovered new interests that you would like to incorporate into your job, you may wish to make more money, or have more flexible hours.

Top tips for assessing interests

Before you make a decision like this, it is important to take the time to evaluate your present situation, to explore career options and to choose a career or path that will be more satisfying for you.

1. Evaluate your current job satisfaction. Keep a journal of your daily reactions to your job situation and look for recurring themes. Which aspects of your current job do you like and dislike? Are your dissatisfactions related to the content of your work, your company culture or the people with whom you work?

2. Assess your interests, values and skills. Review past successful roles, volunteer work, projects and jobs to identify preferred activities and skills. Determine whether your core values and skills are addressed through your current career.
3. Consider alternative careers. Brainstorm ideas for career alternatives by researching career options, and discussing your core values and skills with friends, family, and networking contacts.
4. Check out job options. You can find a wealth of information online simply by Googling the jobs that interest you.

5. Get personal. Find out as much as much as you can about those fields you are interested in. Reach out to personal contacts in those sectors for informational chats to discover more. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding contacts in specific career fields of interest.

6. Take a class. Investigate educational opportunities that would bridge your background to your new field. Consider taking an evening course at a local college or an online course. Spend some time at one day or weekend seminars. Contact professional groups in your target field for suggestions.

7. Upgrade your skills. Look for ways to develop new skills in your current job which would pave the way for a change.  Sign up for as many classes as you can.

8. Consider a new job in the same industry. Consider alternative roles within your current industry which would utilize the industry knowledge you already have.

9.. Update you CV and covering letter. You never know you may have lots of new skills to add and courses you have attended.

10. Hire a Coach for your own business venture. A coach will assist and guide the business owner in growing their business by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. Increase accountability and focus. Business coaching is a process used to help the client get from where they are now to where they want to be.

How do you become unstuck?

Sometimes you can get stuck in worry, afraid to make a decision or change something in your life. Or maybe you’re disappointed with how a particular situation turned out, and it just feels too hard to move on.

When we get stuck, we often wait for external change to happen. But change doesn’t happen to us, it comes from within us. Change is scary and painful, but it’s also necessary for getting unstuck. And when that happens, many opportunities open up.

Let go of the past.

Change your perspective. 

Start with small changes. 

Explore your purpose. 

Believe in yourself. 

Consider talking to a professional life coach. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

1. What makes me feel healthy / happy / relaxed / successful?

2. Why do I want this?

3. Why don’t I want to move forward?

4. What’s the story I tell myself about why I can’t move forward?

5. What’s really true and what do I want to do about it?

These questions are not a magic wand. They will not take you from “stagnant” to “living your dream life” overnight but they offer a new way of seeing yourself and your situation. And sometimes a new perspective is exactly what you need to get unstuck and start changing your life.

Where you’re going doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. Maybe you should just go. Simply make your next move, any move. Baby steps is all it takes. Rome was not built in a day! Only you make a difference.

Let me know if you have enjoyed reading this blog and taking any inspiration from this. Light bulb moments? If you would like accountability to help you with change, I would love to help you on your journey. Keep in touch and remember, take action today and you will be one step closer than you were yesterday.

For my readers I am offering a free 45 minute clarity call to see if we can work together to define your goals and help you move forwards. Helping with any underlining issues such as confidence, fear of change, bad habits and any beliefs that may be holding you back. Click here to book a call today.

All the best, Hails x

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