Top 10 methods used to motivate your team of distributors


“The general desire or willingness of someone to do something” Gosh this word “motivation” gets used allot in our industry. It’s your desire to take action!

It’s true that no one is motivated all the time, very hard to maintain this state of mind. However are you committed? As long as you are committed, you can usually find your motivation will help drive you forwards.

Your Job as a sponsor 

You are to help train and motivate your team. You need to be able to “Teach Tom how to Train Becky, how to Sponsor Leanne”. This is called duplication. You need to build depth in your business at least 3 generations deep to earn your residual income. It’s only when your foundations are built and depth created will the money really start to show. This can take 3-5 years on average. You will have many people to sponsor and not all will build depth, but some will. Always work with at least 5 serious people. The power of 5 is huge. I’ll write another blog on the power of 5! AKA Napkin Presentation.

Always think of yourself as a coach, not their boss. You are their to coach/ teach and mentor. If that person you are teaching isn’t really interested or showing you they are serious then the timing of the opportunity isn’t right for them. If this happens then you need the ability to simply move onto another person with your opportunity. Please remember MLM isn’t for everyone, but as long as you have been a good teacher and helped them start their business then you can walk away, knowing you have done your best. 1 in 4 people that you sponsor will usually stay the journey and build a team themselves.

You want to inspire your new distributor, take action, get to work and believe in themselves. You don’t want to be bossy! This is easier said than done, beleive me I know from experience. Trying to motivate a person who isn’t committed is like a full time job! You need to look for people that are self-motivated and willing to work hard and have a huge burned no sensation to change their life.

Self motivated people will build a team with or without you. You will be lucky to have these type of people in your business. The rest will need your help to be motivated.

1. Lead by example.

Set the pace for your team. Never ask anyone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. You inspire your team by your actions.

2. Stay in contact. 

You should be having daily or at least weekly calls with your team. Ask lots of questions and see what you can help with.

3. Events

you can arrange to do events together. Home parties are a good place to start! Charity events, baby events, coffee mornings! Anywhere you can pull the team together. People want to be part of something. Enthusiasm is contagious.

4. Personal Development 

Advise your team to read the books in our industry and anything that inspires them. This will help them grow as a person, as will experience. This is a people business and relationships are important. You help your team grow and you will grow with your team.

5. Team days and one to one

whenever possible spend one to one time with your team members. This could be a lunch date, shopping trip, etc. Get to know your team. Find out their goals. Show you care. Create team nights out or summers BBQs for example.

6.  Pep talks

Oh yes we all have our bad days. Make sure you tell them that you believe in them. Be a good listener.

7. Help them get started

You are responsible for teaching your new distributor to get started. They won’t know what to do until you show them. Be a good teacher!

8. Remind people of their why? 

Why did they join your business in the first place. Go through any negativity and remind them why they joined.

9. Don’t work with distributors that won’t do it for themselves 

sometimes there becomes a time when you feel like you are dragging a horse to water! Leave them to it! Go and spend time with those that are building their business. Sometimes tough love can influence them to get off their butt and get to work so that they don’t ge left behind. Remember you are always there for when they are ready to pick it back up again.

10. Advise them to promote the products by using them

You might not like every product your company does, but there will be something you like, people buy from people, through recommendations.

I strongly recommend you read the following that I went through at my team meeting last week…..”The 45 second presentation” by Don Failla He strongly recommends that you motivate someone by working with their depth in their organisation. If your working with 2nd or 3rd generation it automatically keeps your team member excited. However it isn’t your role to sponsor 2nd, 3rd generation and below, that’s your team members responsibility. Your there to help when needed.

I do hope you found this helpful. If anyone needs any advice on MLM businesses I offer free coaching sessions.

best wishes,

Hails x

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