I came across this post today and wanted to share this with you 😀

This post is all about the 7 skills and habits you need to learn and develop, that will give you a super successful business. This means all the money you will ever need, all the time you want to enjoy it and, a lifestyle that is life changing.

The good news is that when it comes to learning any profession, sport or activity, there are normally only 7 basic skills that you need to learn and master. This really helps keeps things simple

1. Connecting and Booking Meetings The first skill to learn is making connections with people. This is the marketing part. This can be done in many different ways like talking with friends and family, or connecting with people who are not in your immediate network. This can be face to face or over the telephone and at first will probably make you feel uncomfortable. This is normal and just remember it gets easier and easier over time. The goal is to set a time where you can show people the business presentation and let them decide if it is a good fit for them or not.

2. Presenting The Opportunity The next skill to master is the ability of sharing the business opportunity. This varies from company to company but is normally done through a 20 minute business presentation. Most people are not used to giving presentations in front of people and again, this will likely make you feel uncomfortable at first. This too gets easier over time, until you wonder how it ever scared you. Just remember, you are showing people a way to massively improve their lives.

3. Following Up Remember this saying, “the fortune is in the follow up”. It’s a fact that most people don’t join straight away. This is because it takes on average 7-10 touch points, from people first hearing about it, to feeling comfortable for getting started. This is business. This means you are going to have to get used to keeping in regular contact with people and progressing them along the stages. This takes practice, patience and organisation. Most people don’t get going straight away and that’s alright.

4. Sponsoring and Launching The next skill set to develop is being able to launch your new business partner and get them going and growing in the fastest time possible. It is normal for people to experience fear when first starting out as they have just taken a leap of faith. We all go through this. To help get the maximum momentum, you have to get in front of your new consultants network asap. It is the fastest way to grow both your businesses. But say it with me…it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

5. Training and Coaching Once you have a new consultant it is time to teach them what you know. This is all about taking them through basic training and helping them overcome obstacles and become successful. You are now their “Business Coach” helping them through their problems and keeping them on the track to success. It is very rewarding watching people develop and grow in to people they always knew they could become.

6. Goals, Planning and Time Management Setting goals, planning and time management is a crucial skill set in business which needs learning, practicing, developing and mastering. Like with all the other skill sets, this is something that we do not learn in school. It is something we have to learn and continually work on each day, week, month and year, until it becomes a habit. The good news is that after 3 months practice, when it is a new habit, it becomes just as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning.

7. Personal Development Personal development is another critical factor in success. Remember This: Network marketing is not hard or easy. It is what it is. The problem, is that when you first start out it is you that is not very good. You have to work on yourself to get better. You have to work on your habits (bad habits). You have to work on your skills and beliefs. Don’t wish things were easier, wish that you were better. The better you get, the easier it all becomes.

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