How to take the NEXT step forwards and take ACTION!

Hello lovely readers.

I have just returned from our favourite holiday destination, Gran Canaria, for some winter sun during half-term.  Holidays give you lots of time to reflect and spend time with family and away from the normal daily routine.

Because I love the work I do, I am pleased to say I don’t have that feeling of dread going back. (I know lucky me) Am I lucky though? Not really, I created my business from scratch and have put in 5 years of hard work and dedication. Holidays for me are part of my chosen lifestyle, to spend as much time with family creating as many happy memories as I can.

Every time I return from a holiday, I come back strong and even more focussed. This time I have come back with a desire to excel and speed up my coaching business with courses to help others with mindset. Mindset is everything! If you tell yourself you cannot do something, then guess what? You WILL fail. You must change your mindset and be positive and learn the tools/methods needed to take your business to the next level. I also have my Lifestyle business, the reason I have time to coach and mentor others. This year I WILL take my Network Marketing to the next level.

Ok, lots to do right? Well if your goal isn’t big enough to scare you, you will not come out of your comfort zone. I am reaching for the stars and have a huge desire to help others. You will see me launch programmes this year and achieve all my goals.

Here are my top tips that I have found to help TAKE ACTION!

1. Meditate.

Through meditation we give our minds a mental break. We stop thinking so much and we stop listening to our thoughts — they no longer seem so serious. Fear starts out as a thought and progresses into an emotion. So if we learn to think less through meditation, we will fear less. I’ve found the more I meditate, the less I hesitate. I no longer think about how I’m going to do something; I just do it.

2. Understand your fears.

If we do not understand our fears, they will only grow. Take a piece of paper and write down what it is that you want to start doing. Then write down what it is that scares you about doing this. Our most common thoughts are about fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of people not accepting you for what it is you want to do. If you see your fears in front of you, you can begin to understand them. This is the only way to work past your fears.

3. Realise the importance of failure.

Failure is just a stepping stone. The more failures, the more stepping stones. For every stepping stone, you both learned and understood what hasn’t worked. Don’t see failure as you not being able to do something. Failure is a process that you can use to analyse your actions. It’s an automatic feedback system that provides detailed accuracy. And remember, you cannot say you failed because you decided to take action. The only guaranteed failure comes from not taking action.

4. You learn as you go.

You can’t expect to be an expert on your first try. You learn by taking action. It’s okay to think, read, and talk about what it is you’ll be doing, but make sure you can still take action.

5. Combat your fears with action.

6. Avoid instant gratification.

You will find at times that you want to do something else instead of taking action. The mind is very powerful, and can trick us into believing we are doing something worth our time. For example, logging onto social media or browsing the internet while we’re trying to write won’t help us write, but it will give us that feeling of instant gratification, if only for a couple moments.

7. Keep taking action.

This may sound repetitive by now, but action is the only way to overcome your inability to act.

8. Take it slow.

There is no finish line to taking action. There is only one step in front of you, and once you finish that, only then is it possible to focus on the next. You can’t rush through time. Take it slow and focus on the one task.

Don’t try to conquer the world in one day. The point of this is just to start, not to reach any desired outcome (but if that happens then great!).

Fear is not as bad as we make it out to be. First and foremost, fear begins as a thought in our heads. It will be a constant thought that keeps repeating, and if we accept the truth of the thought it will succeed and turn into an emotion we feel. But, if we see it as fear, then we can begin to understand its deceiving powers. Fear begins as merely a thought that’s trying to crawl into our minds; if we let it, and accept that these thoughts are fact, then we will feel fear.

Is taking action something you struggle with? How have you learned to take action? What’s worked in the past for you? Let me know in the comments below! 

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We are only 9 weeks into 2018 and I want YOU to have a good year and for YOU to take action and make you dreams come true. You have the power, use it! You can do this.

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