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How NLP & Clinical Hypnosis can benefit you

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is one of the most powerful tools to make a dramatic shift in someone’s life. You can use NLP to gain control over your emotions, state and behavior and also to increase your efficiency and motivate others to positivity

The hypnotic state allows a person to be more open to discussion and suggestion. It can improve the success of other treatments for several conditions such as: Phobias, fears, and anxiety. Sleep disorders.

2017-11-01 - Hayley Austin PB-30

NLP coaching for business

NLP can help you in reaching out to your customers and formulating strategies that work.

Do You spend a lot of time with your business, but despite all your efforts, you just are not getting the results you want?

Do You have no idea about what you want your business to achieve or how you can do it?

Do you know your goals and mission? Do you feel, you are not very sure about them anymore?


Grow your self confidence

The fastest way to change your mindset is to feed your mind the one you want. Every time you feed yourself a positive mindset, it weakens the negative ones. You will be instantly creating new neurons that form a new more positive neural network. The more you do this the stronger you new neural network will become. Feeding the positive weakens the negative.

Grab your FREE confidence Ebook today.

  • A Step in Building Your Self Confidence
  • A Philosophy to Increase Your Self Confidence
  • Building Confidence and Self Esteem
  • The Roots of Low Self Confidence
  • Thoughts on Improving Self Confidence
  •  What To Do When You Need to Boost Your Self Confidence
  • Advice to Help You in Increasing Self Confidence
  • Get Self Confidence From Within
  • Bonus .... Meditation

“Let go of everything that is holding you back. Feel free of limiting beliefs and know your purpose.”

Mindset change & thought control. 1:1 online NLP Coaching.

(includes access to online journaling, worksheets, tasks & a wellbeing gift pack)

Do you want to experience serious mindset change? Step into your ultimate power?

1. Challenge and overcome your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts – Identify and replace limiting beliefs and thought patterns that have been established over years.

2. Identify and silence your inner critic – The inner critic occurs when our clients face difficult situations. It often leads to unhelpful behavior and bad decisions. Identify these situations and to find better self-evaluations,

3. Creating your own powerful affirmation – Affirmations can be a very powerful way to control our thoughts and self-talk. I will guide you to create a set of personal and empowering affirmations.

4. STOP Self-sabotaging! – Empower you to stop procrastination, self-criticism, destructive habits or behaviors, and perfectionism. Help you to explore and uncover your own self-sabotaging behavior and finding ways how to stop it.

BONUS: Ebook – How to banish Limiting Beliefs forever!

5. Catch your (negative) thoughts and dispute them – Another basic exercise that will help you to identify unhelpful beliefs or negative thoughts and dispute them with a set of powerful questions.

6. Boost your self-esteem – 2 part tool where you brainstorm about your most valuable qualities and talents. The second part is a self-esteem boosting journal which ensures to keep a positive mindset.

BONUS: Ebook – How to banish Limiting Beliefs forever!

Become aware of your thoughts. Notice patterns, challenge negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Discover your self talk and master your mindset.

Online  8 week course 1:1 coaching online £497.00

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