How to be successful – The success formula

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I have been doing a lot of personal development with my Coaching NLP Diploma and one of the best reads is by Tony Robbins, who is a NLP and Personal Development expert.

Here is Tony’s formula to success! 

Trait Number One PASSION

All of these people have discovered a reason, a consuming, obsessive desire to succeed. Passion helps you grow a business and be more as a person. There is no greatness without a passion to be great!

Trait Number Two BELIEF

Our beliefs are about what we are, and what we can be, precisely determaine what we will be. If we believe in magic, we will have a magical life. If we beleive our life is defined by narrow limits, we will make those limits real. What we beleive is possible, and real is what becomes true. People who succeed on a major scale differ greatly in their beliefs from those that fail. Pasion and beleif help provide the fuel. But we need strategy to help us hit our targets.

Trait Number Three STRATEGY

A way of organising resources. You need to figure out what it is you need to learn and study hard! Who do you need to know and what do you need to do? Once you have that figured out you then have a strategy. “You can open a door by breaking it down, or you can find the key that opens it intact”.


values are what we feel are fundamental, ethical, moral, and practical judgements about what is important. What really matters. Values are specific to each individual. The difference between what is right and wrong.

Trait Number Five ENERGY

people of excellence take opportunities and shape them. They live obsessed with the wondrous opportunities of each day. They know the strategy that is needed, they have the passion and beliefs.

Trait Number Six BONDING POWER

Most successful people have the ability to easily bond with others. These people can build rapport easily from different backgrounds and beliefs.


The essence of success! The way we communicate with others and the way we communicate with ourselfs ultimately determine the quality of our lives. People who succeed in life have the ability to take on any challenge that life throws at them and communicate that experience to themselves in a way that causes them to successfully change things. People who fail take challenges of life and accept them as limitations and therefore fail.

“The great end of life is not knowledge but action” – Thomas Henry Huxley

”For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward” – Jim Rohn


Are these traits you can see in yourself? Do you take action? Are you passionate about your goals? Do you know your Why?


Have a fab weekend. You can do this, you can achieve.

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