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Are restless nights keeping you awake, burdened by negative thoughts? Is your rushed schedule leaving you time-poor, making you feel sluggish, irritable, and drained from a subpar diet?

Welcome to our sanctuary of holistic well-being. We understand the anguish of sleepless nights, the weight of persistent negative thoughts, and the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet when you're constantly pressed for time. We're here to help you regain your tranquillity and vitality, even amidst a busy lifestyle.

Imagine a peaceful night's sleep, where you wake up refreshed and liberated from the grip of those negative thoughts. Picture a nourishing diet that effortlessly fits into your time-crunched routine, providing you with the sustenance and mental clarity needed to flourish. Envision a life where irritability and short-temper become distant memories, despite your hectic schedule.

Our holistic approach to well-being addresses the underlying causes of your struggles. We offer a range of coaching techniques and therapies and support to help you conquer sleeplessness, banish negative thoughts, and establish a time-efficient, healthier diet tailored to your unique circumstances.

Let us guide you on your journey towards a balanced and fulfilling life, even in the midst of a busy schedule. Say farewell to sleepless nights and welcome a brighter, more vibrant you.


  • According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in 2017/18, 595,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill. That's 40% of all work-related illness.
  • Psychological problems, including stress, anxiety and depression, are behind 1 in 5 visits to a GP.
  • In the recent years prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the rate of self-reported work related stress, depression or anxiety had shown signs of increasing.
Stress Management

What are the signs of stress?

  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Irritable & short tempered
  • Find it difficult to relax
  • Making bad decisions
  • Increased alcohol, snacking, caffine or smoking
  • Chest pain or a feeling like your heart is racing
  • High blood pressure
  • Stomach or digestive problems

Managing stress will help you

  • Sleep better
  • Understand your nutritional needs by eating well
  • Less muscle tensions
  • Manage your emotional state
  • Improve relationships
  • Introduce and maintain health habits
  • Improve exercise
  • Improve work-life balance and create peace of mind
Stress Management

How to break FREE of stress

Take care of yourself. Understand the Link Between Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviour to Effectively Manage Stress. Learn How to Manage Stress Effectively and Control How You React to Challenges. Receive FREE wellbeing tips and a stress reducing relaxation.

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Hayley really helped me to look at all aspects of my life and work out what was my priority and what I most valued. This helped me to gain focus, motivation and a positive outlook towards my future. Every session we had, it was clear progress was being made. Hayley is calm, patient and a real motivator as well as being able to take the stress out of any possible obstacle. Hayley uses a range of techniques that are tailored to you and I would highly recommend her if you are feeling a bit lost in life.

Karen Buckley

Hayley has extraordinary skill and expertise. I sought her help to deal my situational anxiety. I was suffering from intense fear of specific work situations, which had been building up over years until it had become disabling for me. After a few sessions with Hayley, I found I was able to face the tasks I had feared with more equanimity.

Penny  Davison

I am so grateful to Hayley for an amazing , life-changing experience. Just a few sessions already made a huge difference and I cannot wait to move on to our next transformational program. During these unusual and difficult times Hayley taught me means of dealing with anxiety and just be better me. Now I have a better mood, concentration and motivation every single day and I am starting every morning with the smile.

Savva Kurinov

My experience with Hayley has been wonderful. A very professional approach to ensure you received the very best. The attention Hayley gives into each session is phenomenal. I feel so much better in such a short space of time.

Sophie Davies

Hayley has opened my eyes and changed my life for the better. Which I never thought was possible after suffering with stress & depression for over 4 years. But now thinking positive and finally feeling like the best version of myself.

Daryl Haywood

What Are The 3 Stages Of Stress

There are three stages of stress:


The alarm stage is also known as the fight or flight stage. When you're in the alarm stage, your heart beats faster, sending more blood to your arms and legs in case you need to fight or flee. The first sign is a panic attack and you have been feeling wired for several weeks.


During this stage the body adjusts the output from the adrenals in an attempt to maintain a higher level of productivity for longer. Essentially your body starts to pace itself as though it's in a race. During this stage you may cease to recognise just how stressed you are because you have adjusted to a constant level of it. Wired and tired and has been going on for 6 months or more.


At this stage the body has run out of its natural energy resources and immunity is extremely low. This is often referred to as adrenal exhaustion. You may notice fatigue which you can't shake, anxiety, depression and recurring infections. Burnout! Most people have been signed off work at this point and have been experiencing stress for 9 months or more.

Stress Management Tips For Coping

Notice your body's stress signals: First, take a moment to be aware of the signs of stress and accept that you're unable to handle this stress without some other means of intervention. Accept that you need to take care of your mind and body.

Help your body relax:  Simple relaxation techniques can help you calm down and moderate the stress effect. These include taking slow, deep breaths whenever needed while focusing on how your body feels. Try going for a walk while paying close attention to what you see and how your feet feel on the ground, rather than what you're thinking.

Get more rest:  Improve your sleep health by maintaining a regular sleep pattern whenever possible. Create a bedtime ritual to help you settle down and relax prior to bed. Avoid blue light an hour before bedtime, and leave the phone away from the bedside when possible.

Exercise daily: Take a brisk walk and get outside in nature. When we are stressed we are unbalanced. A walk or gentle exercise will release our natural feel good hormones. A instant stress reliever.

Adjust your thoughts:  Attempt positive thinking. You might feel like it won't help, but continually making an effort to have positive thoughts about some aspects of your experience can change your attitude and make whatever you're stressed about appear less daunting.

Eat a balanced diet: Focus on consuming a variety of nutrient-dense foods that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Include a mix of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats in your meals.

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I found Hayley’s details online. I needed a life reset after a tough year, Initially unsure of the impact on Zoom, however relaxing in my home while listening to Hayley online has worked really well and I am in a much better place as a result of the coaching and feel confident with my new skills and tools acquired in these sessions to be back leading a balanced life.

Andrew Hawker

WOW what a lady! I wasn't sure what to expect from NLP or what to expect when meeting Hayley. I needed focus in my life, NLP and Hayley have certainly given me that. Love working with her!

J Moorhouse

I have always struggled with fixating over particular issues which would take over my headspace. Hayley has allowed me to free myself from this negative headspace through supporting my subconscious mind and provide strategies to help me overcome this. I can’t thank Hayley enough for her supportive, caring and considerate nature in the sessions. I would recommend Hayley to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life. No need to search any further as she is the woman for you!

Ben Lodge

I just want to thank Hayley for how she has changed my life for the better.  At first I was sceptical because of how things would work with the current pandemic, and the sessions being carried out over zoom but to my amazement so far so good the treatment and sessions have been top class. Never did I imagine being sent into a deep form of hypnosis via a zoom meeting but even on the first session I was blown away.

Jordan Steadman

My sessions with Hayley have made a really positive impact on my health and well-being. Patient, professional and very engaging, Hayley made each session count and she was very responsive to my needs. Whilst our sessions have now finished, I continue to use my personalised hypnotherapy recordings and reap the benefits. I would gladly go back to Hayley in the future if the need arises again. It’s been a real pleasure, thank you Hayley.

Sharon Prince

Stress Management Program

Beneficial for you if you have recently experienced stress for a period of less than six months or if you're curious about coaching and want to explore its suitability for your needs.

Stress can negatively impact every aspect of your life, from your physical health to your emotional well-being. The "De-Stress Your Life" coaching package, enriched with the power of hypnotherapy, is designed to help you regain control, reduce stress, and build a foundation for a more balanced and fulfilling life. 

Over the course of 4-6 weeks, you will work closely with Hayley a certified CAM coach and a licensed hypnotherapist to develop strategies, tools, and habits that promote relaxation, resilience, and lasting stress management. 

*Hypnotherapy is effective for stress management because it induces deep relaxation, accesses subconscious triggers of stress, helps change negative thought patterns, teaches stress reduction techniques, enhances resilience, improves sleep, and takes a holistic approach to address both mental and physical aspects of stress.

Week 1: Understanding Stress. Introduction and identify personal stressors. Understanding the physiology of stress. Recognising stress symptoms. Goal setting and actions. Creating a stress journal. Take stock. Introduction to Hypnotherapy for deep level change.

Week 2: Building Resilience & Hypnotherapy. Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques. Brainstorming. Values elicitation. Healthy Lifestyle Choices. Nutrition and stress. The importance of regular exercise. Sleep and Stress. Sleep hygiene tips & Sleep Tracker with data analysis. Establishing a bedtime routine

Week 3: Stress Management Strategies and Hypnotherapy. Time Management. Prioritising tasks and setting boundaries. Effective time management techniques. Communication Skills. Conflict resolution and inner conflict work. Stress-Reduction Activities and Hypnotherapy. Identifying hobbies and interests. Planning enjoyable activities

Week 4: Creating a Stress-Resilient Future and Hypnotherapy. Goal Setting and Action Planning. Setting realistic stress management goals. Developing an action plan. Stress in the Long Term. Creating new behaviours. Maintaining a stress-resilient lifestyle. Coping with setbacks. Reviewing progress and achievements. Celebrating success and planning for the future.

Week 5-6: Reflect on your progress over the past four weeks. Discuss any challenges and successes you've experienced. Refine your stress management goals based on your journey so far.

Additional Benefits: Weekly check-ins and support from me via email or messaging. Access to relevant resources, articles, and worksheets. Customised hypnotherapy & coaching sessions tailored to your stress management goals. Accountability and motivation to implement stress management strategies. Lifetime access to course materials and resources for ongoing support.


The "De-Stress Your Life" coaching package with hypnotherapy is an investment in your well-being. The cost of this 4-6 week program is £997.00, which includes all coaching sessions, hypnotherapy sessions, materials, and ongoing support.

*Payment plan available based on individual circumstances


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Frequently Asked Questions

CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine – basically, it's a cool approach to health and well-being that's a bit different from the usual.

Think of it as a mix of various methods that work together to make you feel awesome. We're talking about things like NLP (that's Neuro-Linguistic Programming – a way to tweak your thoughts for the better), life coaching (for supercharging your life goals), mentoring (to guide you like a pro), and even clinical hypnotherapy (to tap into your mind's potential).

It's like having a warm cup of tea for your mind and soul – all in one! So, if you're ready to explore a whole new way of boosting your well-being, a CAM coach is here to guide you on this exciting journey. 

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