Social media for business the 80/20 rule!

The 80/20 rule for social media has long been used by marketers to ensure brands maintain a good balance between promotional and interesting / engaging, but non-promotional, content on social media feeds. But is this rule still relevant, or has it become slightly outdated? Have a read and try this method for yourself, you decide?

What is the 80/20 rule?
The 80/20 rule suggests that in order to succeed as a business on social media, 80% of the updates you post (tweets, LinkedIn updates, Facebook posts etc.) should contain non-promotional content that is valuable in other ways to your followers. For example, 80% of your updates should be relevant to your business and:

But, crucially, not directly promoting your products or services.

In the business world in general, the 80/20 rule comes from the idea that 80% of your revenue is generated from 20% of your customers. So you ideally want to attract more customers like that 20%. In other words, focus your time and effort on the things that matter.

This rule can easily be applied to social media, particularly for direct selling companies, as your clients and customers are unlikely to buy from you as a direct result of your social media activity.

Social media should not solely be used as a way of selling your products or services. Instead, you should focus on creating an engaged community around your brand that rely on you to provide them with relevant and interesting content.

After all, social media should be ‘social’. Use great content to start conversations with your followers, rather than just push information about your products and services onto their mobile phones, laptops and computers.

“Create a Business Page, open groups on Facebook to create audiences of your choice”

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Try it! Facebook, twitter, instagram are all social platforms, so GET SOCIAL.

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