I love contributing my knowledge to the CAM coaching industry. Here is a article that was published by the IPHM.I am delighted to share with you.

It’s been one whole year of coming in and out of lockdowns and 3 months since the recent lockdown, but finally, it gradually coming to an end. COVID 19 changed life as we know it and forced us to accept a new normal, it’s been one crazy year. it may feel as if you have forgotten how to go about life as it used to be before the craziness of the pandemic; this feeling can stress you out and increase social anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder is an overwhelming fear of social situations like meeting or speaking to people.

Symptoms of social anxiety include worrying about speaking to people, dreading social events, avoiding eye contact and low self-esteem.

After everything we have been through collectively, here are some tips to help you deal with social anxiety as you return to your normal life. Click to read more…

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