I have officially achieved my goal which I planned for in C18. I have achieved Senior Leader which is Level 6 on the AVON pay/ business structure. To do this I needed sales of over £35k to be generated in one campaign! Each campaign lasts for 3 weeks. I also had to help create a structure of leaders at certain levels, by sponsoring and coaching. I am so so proud of my achievements. I couldn’t be more thankful to my team of leaders who work very hard, I couldn’t have don’t this without their belief in me and dedication to leadership. Average earnings at this level are £1,666.00 every 3 weeks. I cannot wait to reach these earnings. I’ve worked this business part time with my son for just over 2 years. YES MLM DOES WORK. I’m proof of that. Thank you again to my hardworking team, distributors and customers. TEAM EFFORT. Thank you to my upline for believing in me and their support. Finally and hugely important, thank you to my huspand for his financial support, belief and my number one fan. The next set of levels are Executive. Watch this space, because I’m not stopping. Love my lifestyle business.

what a great way to end 2015 with a Christmas party. Annette organised the party for our team and we had a great time. My team surprised me with gorgeous gifts and I feel very humble. X

Some pictures below.

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