Do you ever get the feeling that something in your past is holding you back from living the life you want in the present? Perhaps it’s something you can’t remember, but you strongly feel that it’s hidden somewhere in your mind? If so, regression therapy might make sense for you. You might be wondering how therapy can help you get in touch with a part of your life that seems lost in your memory. And if you do get in touch with that earlier time, what can you do about it now? Getting the facts about this or any therapy first is the best way to decide whether to pursue it.

Regression therapy is dedicated to uncovering things from your past that may be contributing to your current mental state or harmful habits. There are two types of regression therapy: age regression therapy and past life regression therapy. The first type is designed to target things that may have happened during your childhood, and the second type is to help you resolve issues from your past lives (although it is often used in a more metaphorical capacity). I specialise in age regression.

Regression therapy comes with its own controversies, and some people may be hesitant to try it. That said, if you believe in some of the concepts behind this type of therapy, you should know that there have also been cases where people have experienced positive results.

What Is Regression Therapy?

Regression therapy is a specific approach to psychotherapy that helps people improve their emotional and cognitive health by resolving past events.

Problems Addressed in Regression Therapy

When a therapist regresses you to an earlier time, their goal is to help you resolve your problems in the present. They use regression techniques to find and resolve your feelings about past situations, so you can feel better about your current situation.

These past feelings may cause you to feel and behave in ways that don’t make sense in the present moment. For example, these feelings and behaviors from the past might cause you:

  • To have fears and phobias without knowing why
  • To feel guilty for no easily understood reason
  • To have difficulty being intimate
  • To have a variety of relationship issues
  • To suffer from mental disorders

The Use of Hypnosis

Although there are many ways to conduct regression therapy, hypnosis is the most common method. In regression therapy, hypnosis puts you in a relaxed state that allows you to access and evaluate memories that you usually aren’t aware of or that you have forgotten or repressed.

Benefits of regression therapy

  • Clearing trauma is the most common aspect of healing in regression therapy. By relieving the experience through a session, one can let go of past traumas and move on from them.
  • Profound grounding and affirmation.
  • Relief from mental and emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety, fear, and phobias. Many times after a regression, symptoms like these go away immediately with no recurrence.
  • A more in-depth understanding of current life challenges. The past often holds the root of our problems. By acknowledging and extending forgiveness to our past selves, our current selves can experience immense growth
  • Healing
  • A release of limiting thoughts. The experience is extremely powerful and allows you to remove barriers to your own inner peace. The challenges in your life become viewed as lessons to learn and as stepping stones along your evolutionary journey.
  • An expanded sense of universal love and acceptance of self and others.
  • A better understanding of relationships and the ability to create healthier patterns.
  • Forgiveness toward those who have wronged you.
  • Renewed motivation to make desired changes.
  • Dissolve fear of death. Understanding that we all choose our lives on purpose and there is no end to our energy and soul.
  • A transformation in grief and the ability to release helpless feelings around the loss of loved ones.


I offer this kind of therapy which is recommended after a minimum of 2 previous hypnosis sessions. Please note this is deep work and in most cases, you will find peace, heal and be able to move forwards with your life. Very powerful. I can offer this therapy both in person and online, providing I can see you!


Client testimonial

“Hayley is very kind and caring and has huge desire to help people break free from the chains of anything that maybe holding you back and move forward in life. I had the pleasure of working with Hayley for a week and can highly recommend her hypnotherapy regression work. Hayley makes you feel relaxed, safe and secure enabling you to obtain the full benefits of this type of work, explaining everything in detail, ensuring you feel completely supported and safe. It’s very important if you are considering experiencing any work like this you go to an accredited therapist (which Hayley is) who has the skills and knowledge to support you should you regress to a traumatic , painful event.”  – J.Mullen


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