Freedom From Anxiety: Tools & Strategies to Ease Stress, Re-discover Who You Are and Reclaim Your Life


Hayley’s book is an incredible read and focuses on a topic that is now very prevalent in society today. Anxiety and fear. We all suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives, and Hayley’s book highlights key strategies to take anxiety on and win.” MARK SHIELDS, THE CAM COACH Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States with 85% of adults in a 2018 study experiencing regular bouts of stress in the UK. Stress and anxiety are starting to affect people from a much younger age, with more children than ever on medication or being treated for disordered eating or self-harm. Co-dependence, addiction and uncontrollable anger as well as dis-ease are just some of the ways that our stress and anxiety manifests. The truth is, stress affects us all, whether we’re experiencing it directly or indirectly in our environment. The good news is, we don’t have to be at the mercy of it. There is a way to free ourselves from the shackles of anxiety to live a calmer and more fulfilled life.In Freedom From Anxiety, Hayley Austin takes you on a journey back to self, giving you the tools and strategies you need to ease your stress, re-discover who you are and reclaim your life.


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