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“Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential”.

Good morning. Lastnight I spent 2 hours reading my books on personal development. I felt that I needed to go through some important factors that inspire me to be a good leader and a person of value. Here is what I took from educating myself lastnight….

1. If you want to be a person of great wealth, create value and eventually people will pay for your time And want to hear your success stories. People will want to be around you.

2. Stories keep your journey real, tell them everyday. People love to listen and can associate themselves with you as a real person.

3. Give people your attention. Attention is the gift of time! If your going to have family time, then put all gadgets away related to work. Schedule family days. I have a “to do list”which I’m happy sharing. On my list is family time ranked high on my priorities. Show your family they are ranked highly in your plans and on your calendar. PLAY HARD.

4. When you are working on your business, don’t give it half measures. If your not feeling up to it, take the day off. This is your business and needs 100% effort! WORK HARD.

5. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t beleive in you, put you down. If you are poor and want to acheive riches you must let go of negativity or you will stay poor. Spend time with people who inspire you. Learn from people who do have a success story, no matter how big or small.

6. Prosperity does not mean your rich and wealthy. For example what use is it having a mansion if it’s only you living in it? Would you feel prosperous? For me I am rich, I have my family, good health and a roof over my head and our caravan where we go away and spend time making memories. Stuff does not make you rich, in fact stuff can make you poor because we are committed to repayments.

7. Invest from a young age! Teach your children to put aside monies young, show them how to invest so that they use their money wisely. People live within their means if they get paid £3000 a month, they will tell you they need £3000 a month! However in this industry we work in seasons. Some months are better than others, invest wisely.

8. If people want the opportunity they will show you. Don’t feel you have to drag a person to do things. If the person is ready to learn from you and your successes they will ask you questions, read the books, call you, want to be around you. Let go of those that show little or no interest. YOUR TIME IS VALUEABLE. self motivation is hugely important.

9. Watch Your back. Not everyone has good intentions and some people will set out to sabatage you. Play the game around those your unsure of. If you don’t like the person, don’tspemd time with them. Don’t attend meetings that don’t create value. Stay away from negativity full stop. The power of negativity can drag you back to the start of your journey. Clear out your social media of people you cannot relate too. Learn to say no, can be liberating!

10. Dreams and goal plannimg. Without goals we cannot acheive. Plan short goals to help you aceive your dreams. If you plan to have a holiday, then book it and work out what you need to do to pay for it. People are far more successful if they plan. Your end goal must be big enough to pull you though the hard times.

I am defiantly on track and the books have relayed the message that this is a people business. I spend oodles of time developing my team and giving them my attention. I have made fantastic relationships which I beleive have helped me build my foundations.

Now to  continue to beleive in myself and the process. Take my business to the next level. Together we acheive, teamwork all the way.


If if you would like to connect with me and find out more about the business I am in then please contact me. 😃💋😄💋

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A picture of our team, some couldn’t make my last meeting. Amazing people with dreams and goals ❤️








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