Personal branding session with Nisha

After 3 years of building my business with AVON I decided to start year 4 with a branding session to be used for my social media. It’s time for me to take the business to another level, by reaching out to wider audiences. Making full use of the digital age.

I feel that the branding will give my business a re fresh, quite like a relaunch really. I’ve tidied my office ready for video blogs and live streaming, gulp! Yes I said it….. LIVE STREAMING. By writing it, and saying I’m going to do it is a good starting point!

I’ve  got lots and lots to talk about, share and inspire.

Currently my team, and their teams and so on has so many achievements that I’d love to share with everyone. We are all on our own personal journey with multilevel marketing and we all have similar goals to acheive.

My Personal branding session was with Nisha Keaton, who I have known for 2 years and feel very comfortable around her and the camera. Nisha has her own business and goes over and above expectations. I did give her a challenge! I am a fusey lady 😂 Nisha has not disappointed and has excelled. You do receive a brilliant service. Fabulous lady to work with. We had the shoot in Leeds at The Tetley which is a fun building with amazing 1920’s Art Deco.

Featured are 2 of my pictures by Nisha Keaton

You can contact Nisha through her website

Watch out for more of me and more of our team!


Love Hails x




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