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imageMLM Women are leading the network marketing industry. If you are looking for stay at home mum businesses offering the best MLM opportunities, then read on to learn all about the MLM work from home opportunity. This is a legitimate business model, for the right person.

“If you do nothing else that I recommend, you should
join a Network Marketing business”

No matter where in the world you are, join one! And stick with it to stay a stay at home mum.

To clarify, MLM, Multi-Level Marketing, and Network Marketing are all synonymous; they mean the same thing. The MLM work from home opportunity is a company model which rewards each member or distributor for sponsoring other distributors and building a buying organization.

The network marketing opportunity has been around for decades and appeals greatly to the stay at home mum businesses movement.

Join a Company

So what are the best MLM opportunities for stay at home mum businesses out there? What network marketing company should you join? That is entirely up to you. Each company varies on compensation, distributor requirements, and when you can start to earn money.

Some companies have simple structure and payout levels, while others make you jump through hoops before you qualify to be a paid distributor. Examine each opportunity carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before you join.

AVON Opportunity

As an independent AVON Sales Leader , would you like to get paid eighteen times per year instead of the twelve times you would get paid in a conventional job?

If you are ambitious, self motivated and like meeting people, then sales leadership could be for you. Your chance to build a successful business, with a well established company and a well known brand name. AVON is about to celebrate 130 years!

With our support you, as an independent AVON Sales Leader, we will show you how to recruit and sponsor/mentor your own team of representatives. All we are ever doing is show other people how to do AVON.

You can also earn cash bonuses from AVON to help build your business. Currently on offer is up to 16K in your first year.

Sales Leadership can be challenging but rewarding. You are your own boss and its your business. “You are in business for yourself but not by yourself”.

I joined Leadership with AVON in 2013 when my son was still a baby, fast forward 3 years and I have not missed out on any of his developments and built a business as the same time. I attract like minded people who want the same from life, that perfect balance between work and play.

If you are thinking about joining a network, then join mine and Ill show you the way. What have you got to loose? Contact me today for more information.

Tel: 07714 669359 – Hayley

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