Every new Network Marketing distributor goes through it. you will too.

I have been so emotional this week and its only Tuesday! Why you ask? I had a very successful team meeting at the weekend and I am so very proud of everyone and their achievements. I have also had to deal with a few set backs and general frustrations. This week could see me reach a new level in my business which I have planned for. I would love to end the year on a super high and achieve my goal. Will I do it? Watch this space……….

One of the main reasons why new distributors leave network marketing, is the emotions! Networking can take distributors out in their thousands and can be a cancer to your business, if you are not careful. just about all distributors go through this challenge.

We call it the “MLM Emotional Roller Coaster”. It can be a interesting ride during the frustrating times in this MLM business.

You will be as high as a kite on excitement one week, and then next week low. All because of your emotions and disappointments.

You will be disappointed by people, and what you think is going to happen, but doesn’t, and its all part of this networking business.

You must learn to let downs be not so down, and the highs be not so high! This will give you an “emotional balance” which will make your new enterprise more stable in your working it.

How to control your lows that will come in this business?

  1. Talk to your upline
  2. Read MLM books to learn new ideas and concepts
  3. Ask “wht can I learn from this?”
  4. Let yourself grieve for a bit if you need to. call someone who has been there and get some understanding from experience.
  5. Get back on it! Work massively to replace the one who “got away”.

You have to control your emotions in Network marketing, because they will determine 80% of your first initial success.

I will end this post on positive note. Only you can succeeded by following your goals and dreams, you are the driver of your business.  Don’t let negativity pull you down. Stay away from “negative nelly’s and negative vacuum monsters”

It will be worth it in the end. 🙂




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