When I was young I was taught to go to school, college and university because that will end up with a good job and great pay. And that is just what I did.

Fast forward a few years and aged 26 I was working in Morocco and managing accounts for the textile industry. Being a manager was not enough! I wanted more, I didn’t feel like this was my calling. I decided to open a beauty salon which I managed in the evenings. I love makeup and people and thought why not give this ago along side my full time job? I joined up to Virgin Vie Cosmetics and sold their cosmetics in my salon. I also used the Virgin Vie range for wedding bookings and make overs. I loved being with people and making them feel good about themselves.

Needless to say I took far too much on but couldn’t justify leaving my full time career for a salon that didn’t pay as much. Sadly I closed down my salon. I took away all my experience, memories and qualifications.

Aged 28 and I was employed to manage accounts in USA, Taiwan, China and UK for a well known percussion company. I loved my job as it was so diverse and kept me on my toes managing supply chains with international business travel. I still felt this wasn’t enough! The pay was great, but being stuck behind a desk 8:30am – 6pm every day wasn’t what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, the pay was great. I left my career when I was pregnant with Jacob, perfect timing as it gave me the chance to think what can I do with my life that’s fulfilling.

My journey as a new mum started. I loved spending time at home with my son but still wanted to earn money.

In 2013 we got the opportunity to move to Yorkshire from Northamptonshire, because of my husbands job. I jumped at the move as it meant I’ll be closer to my family from the Lake District. Within 2 weeks of moving I joined AVON. I joined AVON as I was curious as to what opportunities they could offer me. Obviously I joined the Leadership side of the business! Leadership meant I could work when I wanted, be my own boss, no childcare, meet people and have fun. Sound to good to be true.

It’s now 2015 and I haven’t looked back. I believe I’ve found my calling! I’m not stuck behind a desk, wahoo! If it’s sunny I can take my son to the park and have a picnic. I don’t ask anyone to take a day off. Oh and I still get paid for taking time off! Yes you heard that right, self employed and paid to take time off! I spend my time with like minded people who are positive and have a love of beauty products, a drive to succeed. These people have become my friends, I’ve developed relationships that are real in my business. The people I work with have families and believe in good strong family values like myself.

I work very hard coaching and mentoring my team, and my son is always by my side. If it wasn’t for my son I would not have chosen AVON as my new career opportunity. You really can work this business your way! I have and I’m very successful at it.

Believe and understand network marketing takes time. You will earn more long term with a networking business, (if your good at it) than you will stuck behind a desk for 40 years! In fact I’ll replace mine and my husbands earnings of 100k within the average of 10 years. “It’s all about a lot of people all doing a little bit” Keeping my focus, beliefs and family values. The drive to succeed, dreams and goals.

I will reach my long term goals a lot quicker than your typical 40 year career, plus retirement plan that we are taught to believe is the only way! It’s not the only way and one day I’d like to see network marketing mentioned at schools too.

What I’m trying to say is subconsciously I’ve always wanted more! I love makeup, people and leading a team. I do this with my family. I work it MY WAY.

For more information about Leadership, please contact myself and I’ll arrange to see you at a suitable time to discuss this life changing opportunity.


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