2015 is coming to an end and wow what a roller coaster of a year. I started the year with many challenges that I overcame through determination and keeping my focuss.

You have to be able to deal with rejection in this business and know that it’s all about timing. Timing has to be right for the opportunity to sound appealing to the prospect. This is  true statement. I would have never considered network marketing, if it wasn’t for becoming a mum. It’s no good preaching the opportunity to someone who is not interested and negative about what you are doing. However that same person may come back to you in a years time because “the timing” is right and that person has seen you progress.

I am also a believer of everything happens for a reason.We are not “lucky” in network marketing, we make it happen because we beleive in the “bigger picture”. It takes focuss, planning,  belief, time, and sheer stamina.

I have learnt this year to be happy with myself and my achievements that I have done in my 35 years of living. Personal development is so important, you need to be in a good place and happy with yourself. Taking time out to enjoy our caravan at Skipsea sands has helped me. I have spent many hours walking the sands. I intend to spend many more hours and have a few BBQs this year with family and friends at our caravan.

My tips for 2016!

  1. Make a commitment to invest at least 10 minutes a day revisiting your goals.
  2. keep your goals real and achievable, start off with small goals to help you get to your big goals.
  3. make your goals specific.
  4. Set a deadline.
  5. update your goals depending on your monthly results.
  6. Plan for success and work with your mentors.
  7. read up on network marketing.
  8. Find someone to inspire you.
  9. when your having a bad day speak to your mentor or a friend.
  10. learn something new every day.

currently I have put in place a plan for 2016 and I expect many aspects of it to go wrong. I’ll be ready for the roller coaster next year, the thrills and excitement are addictive. The question is ARE YOU READY?

Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and cheers to 2016. Let’s make this YOUR year.

best wishes Hayley xx🎅🏻xx




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