Are you ready for an idea that will transform your life?

Okay – it’s easier to let go of your limiting beliefs than it is to hold on to them.

That’s not what most of us are taught in personal development, but in a moment you’ll see how easily you can let them go and be free of them forever.

Limiting beliefs are the little voices that convince you that you can’t be/do/have something.

How Do You Know You Hold Limiting Beliefs?

Throughout your lifetime, you’ve built up beliefs about the world. What’s really fascinating is the physical effect of these beliefs. The more you reinforce them, the more pronounced the effect on your body.

If you slouch; if you tend to look at the ground when you walk; if you carry extra weight; if you repeatedly have problems with a specific body part – then your body is exhibiting the physical manifestation of limiting beliefs surrounding your self-image.

Another clue to limiting beliefs is persistent agitation, queasiness, anxiety, depression, indecision, quick temper and other emotional issues. Another important clue is the way you talk about yourself, to yourself, to other people and about the world. Really pay attention to the tone of your speech.

Are you mostly negative?

Mostly positive?

Do you complain and blame?

Happy, confident people walk tall, look everyone in the eye, enjoy generally good health, and their emotions are mello and steady. They speak positively and smile much more often than people who are stuck in their limiting beliefs.

As your limiting beliefs impact your body, they also impact your life in general.

Are you struggling in your relationship?



If you experience any struggle, it points to self-limiting beliefs in that area! The same goes for feelings of stagnation, hopelessness, boredom or lack of enthusiasm. You would not be feeling those if your self-image was good and you weren’t being held back by your beliefs.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Now that you know what to look for – any problems, struggles or negative behaviors in health, wealth, relationships or career – you can begin releasing the limiting beliefs that cause these problems.

No matter the situation, you can evaluate your situation; your emotions; and your physical feelings and then work backward to identify the thoughts that generated them.

Think back to some accomplishment you’re proud of. In particular be aware of your emotions and your physical response to that memory. When you were successful, you felt good! “I can” feels much better than “I can’t”.

Now think about a current goal or dream.

How do you feel when you think about it?

Chances are, your first mental/emotional/physical reaction is positive. It FEELS GOOD, doesn’t it, to be thinking about your awesome goal?

  1. Carve out some quiet time to identify your self-limiting beliefs and write them down. HINT: They are usually the same thoughts that replay in your mind every day, or familiar thoughts that are trigged in specific scenarios, like, when you think about your finances.
  2. Pick one self-limiting belief to work on at a time. You need to shoot these guys down one at a time. It’s best to start with an easier one, one you know is definitely false, like, “All the people who have succeeded in life were successful because they had money”, rather than one that has a long history of pain and emotional triggers.
  3. Ask yourself why you believe this. Reflect upon your life and write down every instance, every experience you had that reinforced this belief. Try to trace this back to the earliest experience from where this belief emerged.
  4. Gather any evidence that suggests this belief is false. Can you think of any real life examples when a statement like this was not true? Can you think of any examples in your life where this statement about yourself was false? Write down every example that indicates this belief is untrue – in the world for other people, as well as for you.
  5. Neutralise the self-limiting belief with positive visualization. Chances are, these beliefs have become so entrenched in your psychology that they have become well-established thought patterns, often triggered by a certain type of event. Your practice now is to, whenever you catch yourself thinking this belief, IMMEDIATELY counteract it with a strong image of the opposite. For example, if you believe that the only reason why you are unsuccessful is because you have no money, next time you think this, focus on all the people who rose to fame and fortune, who came from more difficult circumstances than you.
  6. Rinse, lather and Repeat. Work your way up your list from the easiest to the most difficult self-limiting beliefs.

The Future-Self Technique to Freeing Yourself from Self-Limiting Beliefs Using NLP Techniques

  1. Imagine the ideal you of the future, fully embodying your dreams. Imagine this person as you’d like to be. It could be the Millionaire You living in a tropical paradise. It could be the More Compassionate You, embodying a calm and grace that you might be struggling to attain at the present time. Visualize every aspect of this future you, from where you live, to the friends around you, to how much money you might be making, to the challenges you have successfully overcome.
  2. Give this “Future You” a name. You can work with as many Future You’s as you’d like, but it’s important to be able to distinguish between each one with a name. A powerful extensive of this is to work with Future You’s at different milestones of your life purpose or dream.
  3. Believe this person is real and truly exists. Gather as much evidence as you can from your personal experience on how it is entirely likely you can be this ideal individual. Find as many examples of others like you, or even more disadvantaged than you, have achieved similar results.
  4. Establish a daily conversation with “Future You” Ask your future you questions on what the best choices are for you to get to where future you is as quickly as possible. Imagine your future you as a mentor to your present self.
  5. When you achieve “Future You” status, remember to send love and encouragement to the past you. This part is the key, because it bridges the time space continuum, and further reinforces the effectiveness of this practice.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any limiting beliefs?

  • What are the results you’ve produced in the various areas of your life?
  • Where are your results not in alignment with what you really want to be, do or have?
  • What area of your life have you really tried to improve but, no matter what, things just didn’t get better?

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