I have started a new blog because sadly facebook has blocked my weebly blog! Today I am writing about my 2nd year of Sales Leadership.leaders

I set my self a goal in 2014 to achieve Senior Leader by September 2015. Sadly this has not happened because I lost a leader earlier this year which set me back. I have not achieved a new level in 12 months which has upset me and to be honest I am a high achiever and for this not to happen has made me think about what myself and my team have achieved.

My achievements in 2015

  • I have trained and sponsored another 2 leaders that are well on their way in their own leadership journey. I have enjoyed sponsoring again. We are only ever showing someone else how to retail, build a team, be a good sponsor and coach. Its called duplication.
  • I have maintained my Advanced Leader title and my sales have improved significantly from the previous year. My figures show clear growth. I have not sustained, I have grown with the thanks to my team.
  • A few of my first generation sales leaders have now started coaching and mentoring their leaders. This has created the depth needed for me to achieve long term success. To see my team build teams of their own is the best feeling in the world, they are becoming Independent.
  • My meetings and training sessions have got bigger, I mean lots more leaders attending.
  • I have started training sessions, and using my presentation skills for official “AVON meetings” . I am enjoying being part of networking training because I get to speak to a wider audience and people outside of my team. To inspire others is a goal of mine.
  • my turnover has increased which has allowed me to buy a static caravan at Skipsea holiday park. Myself and family go every weekend to enjoy the beach, fresh air and family time. This is a lifestyle business after all!
  • My main lesson learnt this year is “to help others achieve will naturally help me to achieve”. I have spent huge amounts of time with my team. Even on wet days we like a chat with coffee and cake! The social side is just as important. Its called relationship building.
  • Within the team new levels have been achieved and that in its self put a huge smile on my face. I love seeing other people succeed.
  • I have learnt to like myself and I know who I am. I treat others with respect and stay away from negativity. I only surround myself with positive people who will lift my sprits and inspire me.

Really I have not failed at all, I will achieve my next level. I have to learn to be patient and it will come. My up line said to me last week…. “its better to have a strong level 5 than a weak level 6” This is true and I am so grateful to my team that I do have a very strong level 5. I have only been in networking for 2 years and my achievement’s are amazing.

I have moved my goal posts and the next level is on the horizon, watch this space……….

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  1. hayleyaustin1980 on October 11, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    I’m still not happy that FB blocked weebly, silly. Ah well new blog. X

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