I’m Just a girl from The Lake District with big dreams!

Hi readers

Time for me to reflect on how far I have come as a mum, wife and entrepreneur.

Over 14 years ago I left my home in the Lake District to pursue a career down south where the opportunities are bigger and salaries are higher. I did what most people in their early 20’s did and chased that dream job. I had a few very good jobs from Sales, account management, logistics and supply chains. I did well and worked in countries such as Morocco, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. What I found was, that these jobs came with many hours and added pressures, always had that “is it Friday yet?” Feeling! I Was glad of the weekend when I could be social with friends.

Fast forward a good 10 years and leaving out the boring bits! In 2010 I met my husband Mark, and we got married in Vegas after going on vacation a few times, we love the place. Our Son Jacob was born in 2012 and I went back to work paying lots of money out on childcare, because that’s what us women do as we feel we cannot take the first few years off, as we may not get employed again especially at senior management level.

I longed for something else, a way to be my own BOSS but still looking after Jacob.

In 2013 we moved to West Yorkshire for Marks work, his work kindly helped us move to keep everything as stress free as possible. Moving to Yorkshire was a gamble as we didn’t know anyone, no family and friends here. A chance for us to start again.

And so my journey with AVON BEGAN. I joined just a week after moving here, I needed to do something that could work with Jacob as we decided I was not going back to work and paying someone else to look after Jacob.

I started in Campaign 16  2013 and as I write this we are going to find out what our results for campaign 16 this year will be. Results on Thursday. I’ll be showing you via live video streaming the power of network marketing and how far I have come with my team and their teams.

As I start the 4th year of my AVON JOURNEY I smile quite happily knowing that I’ve had all the time in the world with my son and built a business that continues to grow and grow. Experienced Many ups and downs. I have made friends, have fun every day, play with makeup, organise my team meetings and much much more. Jacob is now 4 and started school. A massive thank you to my uplines Mandy Grace and Louise Keye for starting me on my journey and showing me the bigger picture!

Network makrketimg can change lives, you can have that time with family or what ever you choose.

TUNE IN ON THURSDAY 20th October around 7pm for my LIVE VIDEO STREAMING ON FACEBOOK LIVE for my results for Campaign 16 (anniversary Campaign)

*please note each campaign lasts for 3 weeks with AVON and the results I will show have been generated in a 3 week period by myself, my team and their teams.

Hope to see you all Thursday

Hails x



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  1. Denise Robinson on October 19, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    Fantastic Hayley, I’ll tune in tomorrow!

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