September is here and this is a special month for me. Its my birthday month! I’m about to launch my own range of products. Oh yes this mama has been working hard behind the scenes creating her dream life in between holidays, school runs and running a successful coaching business. 

Can you believe I am about to launch my own therapeutic coaching range? I am so excited to share this with you. For months I have been working on product development with a very well know local company called Hopton Candles. The range started out as an idea! Jean from Hopton came to see me one afternoon for our regular catch up and was asking me more about my coaching services I offer. Jean spotted a Pulse point rollerball on my coffee table and I explained that I use these to help clients relax and with meditation.  This was the moment Jean suggested working with me to design my own range instead of me buying from different vendors. There are four products in my range, nearly ready for launch. Keep an eye out for more information. What I can say is my range is luxury, organic, vegan friendly and extremely therapeutic. I am one very excited coach. 

Goodness me I have been a busy bee this year! How on earth have I achieved so much? I often ask myself this, on times when I reflect. The secret is easy, it’s my passion to help others with mental health and personal development. Goals and plans are updated every 3 months and if I am not up to speed I simply change my plan. Through regular meditation, I manage to manifest what I want my future to look like and work very hard to make it all happen. I also use use NLP techniques on myself. (Pacing is a technique where the client is asked to imagine him or herself in the future in a given desired situation. The given situation being the topic, problem, challenge, or limitation that you worked with your client on).

Here are some top tips for living your best life!

  1. Accept that only YOU have the POWER to change your life
  2. Get clear on what you want
  3. Ask the universe 
  4. Write a 90 day plan, keep it simple by writing achievable, realistic goals followed by action
  5. Work towards your goals and take action
  6. Keep your momentum high by raising your vibration and practicing positivity daily
  7. Clear any resistance and banish any beliefs that maybe limiting you, keep the focus
  8. Surround yourself with people who champion and uplift you
  9. Don’t be afraid of asking for help in any area of your life
  10. Practice gratitude daily
  11. Celebrate each mile stone, no matter how small

Keep going! Don’t stop. If you need any help on self belief and confidence  click for my FREE guide to help you. HERE 

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Ive got your back and if there is anything you feel stuck on or want help with, please ask me? 

Live your best life,

Hails x


  1. jayne on September 15, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    Marvellous and totally inspiring as always love the vegan friendly side of your products cannot wait for this .
    Kind regards Jayne

    • Hayley on September 21, 2019 at 4:46 pm

      Thank you Jayne x

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