What is fear of flying?

The fear of flying (aerophobia) is an excessive worry about air travel. It is believed to affect one in ten of the population, however some studies suggest that the proportion is much higher. Fear of flying can be linked to the fear of airplanes or it could be an aspect of other psychological problems such as panic attacks, claustrophobia or post-traumatic stress disorder. People suffering from fear of flying often suffer increased anxiety and panic attacks at the thought of flying and many avoid air travel as a result of this. Those with a fear of flying commonly fall into one of two groups. Firstly, some people fear an “internal loss of control”. For such individuals, their fear of flying stems from a fear that they will lose control of their emotions during flight and therefore embarrass themselves in front of fellow passengers. For others, the fear is associated with external factors such as turbulence, bad weather or a fault with the airplane.


There is a solution!

By working with me, we will get to the root cause of your fear by working with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for your thoughts, feelings and memories. When you work with me, I help you facilitate change and reprogram the way you feel about flying. Only by reprogramming the subconscious mind, will you feel and think positively about a upcoming flight. Especially if the fear is deep rooted.


If you can answer YES to most of the questions it is likely that you are affected by a fear of flying.

  • Do you have high levels of anticipatory anxiety prior to a flight?
  • Do you experience bodily symptoms prior and during flying, such as hyperventilating, sweating, churning stomach and dizziness?
  • Do you avoid flying wherever possible, and if able to only fly under duress?
  • Do you picture catastrophic scenes while flying that cause you significant distress?
  • Is your fear impacting on your relationships or work due to an inability to attend holidays or meetings?
  • Do you worry that you might lose control when flying and spontaneously open the airplane door or draw attention to yourself?

Client testimonial..

For the last 22 years if someone mentioned flying anywhere, the excuses would flood in. I would rather walk and swim (usually drive then ferry) than fly.
After a bad flight and a fall into a lift-shaft at work I had no head for heights at all.
Anyway, the day came when my better half wanted a family holiday in Lanzarote for her birthday. Instantly the fear and anxiety set in. The sleepless nights, the wretching and sickly feelings. I really would have preferred to drive and meet them there! I was that scared.
Then an in-law mentioned Hayley and the therapeutic treatments and how she could help me overcome these fears.
I booked a course of hypnosis, which in all honesty I was dubious about but was willing to try anything. I had 3 sessions. After the first I was thinking am I doing the right thing but as the week went on I became more settled.
After the second session I could think about getting on a plane without the wretching and I slept better.
After the third session there was no stopping me taking that flight, I could not believe the change in me. I could have flew it.
I was a little nervous with the turbulence but I went into hypnosis mode and breezed it.
Honestly, I have waisted 22 years! I’ve always wanted to go to America and now I can. And I don’t have to swim the ocean to get there! All thanks to Master NLP Practitioner Haley Austin. Without her work and help I would still be grounded, if she can help me she can help anyone and that is the truth.
Thank you Hayley it was fate.

D. Speight


If my client can fly after a 22 year fear, then you can conquer your fears too. Here are some pictures of my client on holiday and at the airport.


Cannot wait for my client to book his flight to the USA!







If you would like my help, please contact me below.

Hails x

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