Mark my husband, suggested a last minute holiday back to our favourite island, Gran Canaria for the last week of school holidays. Of course I said YES!

This time I wanted to switch off from social media and made it a mission, not to check what everyone else was doing! I must admit the thought was hard at first as I was worried that others would think I was ignoring them. A social media DETOX was a must for me. So often we as a society are caught up in other people’s lives and forgetting to live our own!

My life path is unique to me! Being on my own journey and helping other along the way.

Jacob our son made it his goal to learn to swim with confidence. I’m pleased to say he has managed to achieve his goal. Jacob is now able to swim lengths without worrying. Jacob can swim. Very proud. Next goal is to jump in!

Summer 2019 has been as always truly wonderful spending so much time with Jacob. It’s also been a summer DETOX. During the six week break I have had more opportunities offered to me, which still allows me time freedom to work around my family. Taking time out of my business and working a little on it has meant I’m attracting the right opportunities going forward.

The last working Q4 of the business year I’ll become an online tutor for the award winning UK Life Practice, who I trained with! I’ll also be joining my coaches team of business mentors, to help new coaches with business start ups. My coach being Mark Shields CEO of the UK Life Practice. Wonderful news as I’ll be not only coaching, but tutoring and mentoring future NLP CAM Life coaches. Mental health and personal development is my absolute passion. So very grateful to Mark and his team for including me in their business development plans.

Whilst in Gran Canaria we have invested more in timeshares, to come here as often as we can. At any point we can exchange and go else where. But for now we are enjoying holidays here in Amadores, Gran Canaria. I’ve included some pictures below. The sunsets here are amazing!

Look out for my exciting product launch to support my clients on their journey whilst working with me. You won’t be disappointed!

Whilst having lots of time to reflect I must stop thinking I’m not achieving enough. By gosh it’s only when people are telling me I’m an inspiration and changing lives that I realise I’m doing good! So why does self sabotaging keep creeping in? Personally I believe it’s to tell me to SLOW DOWN.

In my next blog I’ll be writing about manifesting what you want, but first it’s important to work on you first, so that you can believe anything is possible.

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Zap Those Limiting Beliefs

I highly recommend a SUMMER DETOX!

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Hails x

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