Leadership coaching

"One of my super powers is the ability to lead and motivate a team. I haver been leading people from the front for over 15 years and use my experience to help others become true leaders". 

What is Leadership coaching?

The process is about one person helping another to improve, develop, achieve, and learn something. It can be about obtaining a new skill or enhancing existing qualities. The focus is generally on attitudes, behaviors and knowledge, but coaching could also be used for physical and spiritual development.

Coaching can happen in a variety of situations, from official organisations to private institutions; in public and in private life. You could even encounter coaching when you are being taught to cook a new meal by your grandparents. Therefore, coaching can be informal or formal, with different structures at play in the way you are being coached. The techniques and methods used can vary depending on by whom, where and what you are trying to develop or improve.

Leadership involves the ability to inspire, motivate and develop subordinates during the process of obtaining the shared goals. t’s about enhancing a person’s abilities and skills to lead and to help the organisation meet its operational objectives. It’s about boosting the person’s ability to perform as a leader and to achieve the vision. The key is to help the person find sustainable behavioural change and to transform the person’s life for the better. Leadership coaching can also address personal issues and address any areas that might be holding the person back from achieving career goals. The process can be helpful in providing the person help with their personal growth, as well as improve their communication skills with others.

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Who is leadership coaching for?

Leadership coaching is for people who like to take ac ion, get things done. It’s particularly good for people who are at crossroads, have lost their energy or confidence, or need a high-impact intervention. It’s also perfect for those who cannot commit to a long-term coaching programme.

What will I get out of it?

It will give you a chance to focus on your future and clarity on where you’re heading. This focus creates meaning and purpose, and helps you to prioritise goal setting and decision making. You will have a clear way forwards and have set goals for the next 3 months to keep you focused and on track.

What does Leadership coaching look like?

Typically Leadership coaching is a process that I do online 1:1 or face to face. You will follow a program that I will create for you based on your coaching goals. A typical programe looks like this;

  • Establish your coaching goals, what results you want from our coaching relationship.
  • 3 months vision both in personal and business.
  • Time managment.
  • Are you sitting to comfortably? We work together to shift your focus and productivity.
  • Boosting your strengths.
  • Develop new success habits.
  • How to expand your mind to make better decisions.
  • Goals motivation and goal setting.
  • Identify your spark team.
  • Letting go exercises.
  • Understanding the why's of our goals.
  • Create a life map to keep you focussed on your long term goals and why.
  • Help you find new answers for a problem or make a decision by connecting with your own inner wisdom.
  • Take stock and take action

I will use NLP techniques to anchor positive feelings and to help boost your workflow. We will also work together to align your values and shift any limiting beleiefs.

Ready to find out more?

I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute friendly consultation; this allows me to find out more about the issues you are experiencing and we can discuss any questions or concerns that you have.

Please feel free to enquire now.