Epic holiday! Time to reflect & do a new testimonial….

I have just returned from a brilliant holiday in Gran Canaria and this is what our business is all about! Family time, creating memories and spending time with those you love. Thanks to this business I was still earning money whilst enjoying a well deserved break. I was also able to treat us to a holiday family shoot at the hotel grounds to capture precious moments.

Back to it, I’m busier than ever! With a rather large team and more waiting to get started… how did my big adventure start?

Sales Leadership started with me! In 2013 I applied to become a Representative and a Sales leader at the same time! Slightly crazy thing to do when I had only just moved to Huddersfield. As a family we had just moved to Yorkshire after spending 10 years down South. My husband Mark, work commitments brought us to Yorkshire and we did not know a single person. I felt this opportunity would be perfect to get to know people, make friends and for me to spend time with my son Jacob. Jacob was 18 months old when I started my journey. Mandy Grace and Louise Keye came to see me to go through the business model and I was excited by how flexible the opportunity was, and the earning potential was huge! There were no big bonuses when I started, I focussed on building a team with like minded people, that would eventually lead onto the bigger earnings. I had to see the bigger picture from day 1 and build a business.

I wanted to create the foundations and work on depth to create residual income to give me the lifestyle business I desired.  I had to recruit like crazy for this to work, maximum effort required. Focus and determination from day 1.

Mandy showed me the good old fashioned method of recruiting by door to door, this is still my favourite method as you get to know the person face to face. I learnt fast and started going to events and I also set up my media for online recruiting. I was open to all methods of recruiting. “Don’t ever put all your rods into one pond, the fish might dry up!” Good advice. The best advice I’ve received from Louise is to self educate on network marketing, and to forget everything corporate.  This took me a while as I’m from senior corporate and used to managing people! Leading people is hugly different. I took Louise’s advice and started to read the books and my outlook on life and this business soon changed. I quickly became Independent and developed the business my way.

Personal development is a massive journey you have to go on yourself to fully understand the network marketing industry. You need to be a good listener and good at supporting your team. The more you develop and grow, the more respected you are to your team. After going through many, many, obstacles, I’m in a good position to mentor my team and help develop down lines. In fact my role has changed to be more of a Network Marketing coach and help develop people.

“People are people”. My husband Mark says this a lot to me and yes he is right! I took on lots of Sales leaders in my first year and Representatives. Only the best stayed, the ones that could deal with the rollercoaster journey! This is a relationship business and friendships started to develop. In my first year I acheived Level 5 Advanced Sales Leader with sales over £20,000 a campaign.

“Don’t judge people, offer the opportunity to everyone” Year 2 was a game changer for me, I had set my sites on Level 6 Senior Leader and that’s what I wanted to acheive. A few Sales leaders left the business as they do! At the beginning of that year and I needed to replace and grow. And that’s exactly what I did, and again the good ones have stayed. This business surprises me and you should never judge people. This opportunity is open to anyone, no matter what their background is, race, education or religion. We have some amazing leaders in our business. Friendships continued to develop and the team kept on growing. I made my meetings more frequent with socials afterwards. Yes I did acheive Level 6 Senior Sales Leader thanks to my team. We were doing sales over £35.000 a campaign which was around Christmas.

“Without a plan your business will remain a dream” I’m obsessed with goals and how to acheive them with a plan. Regular planning sessions are needed with your teams to help keep them focussed and on track. No plan ever runs smoothly in this industry you will probably change it a thousand times. Remember “people and people” and no matter how much you want it for them, it’s up to that individual to action their plan! You cannot do it for people, you have to create Independant Leaders. Year 3 I wanted to acheive Level 7 Executive! What a rollercoaster of a year! Sadly Executive didn’t happen and I beleive for the right reasons. The business was not strong enough to pull me through. We were doing sales of over £50.000 over Christmas campaigns and my plan was to maximise earnings on inflated sales.

So here I am about to start year 4! Executive is still my goal this year and my plans are constantly changing so I can adapt and develop. The business is growing so fast and our team is hugly supportive. I wanted to create a business full of support and empower others to do the same. I’m hugly happy with my progress and most of all our team, our AVON family.

Here are some figures from my business. Based from Campaign 16 which was my start campaign. – each campaign lasts for 3 weeks.

C16 in 2013 was £1356.99

C16 in 2014 was £20.403.00

C16 in 2015 was £25,560.55

C16 in 2016 was £42,384.00

C16 in 2017 ? Estimated £60,000 😬😬😬😬 we shall see!

My advice to others is to keep on developing yourself through personal development, and self education. To be able to duplicate yourself and to help others acheive their goals. To shake off disappointment and keep that focus on the reason why you are doing this. A LIFESTYLE BUSINESS, time with friends and family!

Hails x




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