AVON- New Perfectly matte lipstick, my review!


AVON has just launched a new formula in their Matte Lipstick that has been tested in a lab against a premium brand MAC’s matte lipstick. Can AVON’s version really be more matte? I’ve put it to the test and here is my verdict!

I am a complete lipstick fusspot snob and tend to stick to certain brands. With all the media hype Ive had no choice but to put this to the test. – being an AVON Independent Sales Leader I’ve managed to get my hands on samples before the launch.

Matte lips are a huge trend right now and with 15 gorgeous shades to choose from, there’s a perfectly matte shade to suit everyone.

100% Matte, no drying!  

My review…I applied coral fever – 18176 and instantly it felt like I was applying a lip treatment! Very smooth application with no dragging. Feels like velvet and instantly matte. So far I’m impressed. The colour is vibrant and a little bright for me, I’ve kept it on as I’m road testing it for the day!  I’ve ordered lots of colours and looking forward to finding my perfect match. I have had my morning brew and to my surprise not much has trasfered to the cup, great. Went off to sign up a representative and I didn’t have to re apply before appointment. Colour still looks fab. Lunchtime soon came and I meet up with some of my team members and my lipstick still held. After lunch I did feel it needed to be re touched – 5 hours ware. I would say this will give you 3-5 hours ware comfortably without food or drinks. My verdict is this is a great lipstick, non drying and high performing. I will recommend this to everyone. The quality is amazing for the price tag! I’ve ordered lots of samples for my customers.

MAC MATTE £15.50


Matte lipstick tips! 

1.If you want to get the true shade of matte lipstick, apply a concealer all over your lips prior to applying your lip color. Whether you decide to go for a bright red, flashy pink or nude matte lips, concealing them in advance will help get very neat and beautiful result!

2. Matte lipstick textures tend to emphasize all the flaws of your lips, therefore, it’s important to prepare your lips and make them smooth and soft. Exfoliating your lips can be a great solution to get rid of peeling skin, in order to reveal baby soft lips, on which your makeup will glide easily and beautifully.

3.Avoid rubbing your lips together when applying matte lip color, because matte textures don’t work the same way as sheer ones do. Instead, use a lip brush, in order to spread the product all over your lips evenly and if you want to get more precision. Use a synthetic lip brush for this purpose, make sure to cover up every little corner of your lips for elegant and professional looking result.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you want more information on AVON products or to join my team, contact me today x




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