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In our industry “network marketing”. It is important to remember, that at least in my opinion prospecting face to face makes up 80% of my business and the remaining 20% from media. I am in a people business and face to face contact helps with retention. I find it easier to offer my opportunity face to face by speaking to a lot of people. People see the excitement In my approach and if the timing is right, will say yes to the opportunity. It’s all about timing when we are prospecting – that’s another subject for me to blog about! Media helps me maintain that important contact. Media helps me generate those “FREE LEADS”.

How do I use my 20% from media to Recruit? ATTRACTION MARKETING 😃

what is “Attraction Marketing”  I hear you Say? Well it’s fairly simple.

ATTRACTION marketing is a way of approaching or delivering valuable content to your targeted audience, for the purpose of building trust and credibility with them. The audience can be customers, colleagues, potential prospects without you having to chase them down.

I started my business nearly 3 years ago and one of the first tasks I did was to update my Linked In and to set up a new Facebook account. I set up a new Facebook account especially for AVON because I didn’t want to mix it with my personal account and bore my friends with constant updates about AVON. I also set up a Twitter account which I have linked in to other media platforms.

Using Facebook has been a godsend to me. I use it daily to communicate with my team and to advertise. I’ve set up groups and a page for targeted audiences. By building an audience you are delivering targeted contents, eventually people will start to react to your posts. To monitor this I always suggest using “call to” action buttons.  I follow AVON and often re post, share etc their updates.

The next big step for my media journey was to start a blog. Starting a blog means you have to dedicate time writing content and lots of it. Eventually people will start liking your blog and will connect to you via email. I’d suggest updating a blog weekly, because readers will want to know what your up to and what your going to write about next. Choose a subject and off you go!

Email addresses  are very important. I have started to create an email list so that I can get additional content out to my readers/ followers.

I do use media for my business and yes it does take up lots of time. You must be disciplined and set time aside for media if you choose to use it. I don’t get paid by the hour. For me my time is all about adding value to myself and value to my team. If I am considered valuable and people want to listen to me, then I’m more likely to become successful because people will want to join my team and learn. Part of my personal development is to become a networking coach and speaker.

I do hope you found this helpful. Media is an extension of what I currently do.

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