Why do people smoke?

Definition of Addiction. A particularly pathological aspect of the way that persons with addiction pursue substance use or external rewards is that preoccupation with, obsession with and/or pursuit of rewards (e.g., alcohol and other drug use) persist despite the accumulation of adverse consequences.

There were over 77,800 deaths as a result of smoking un the UK according to the NHS in 2017. Despite all the information we have about the negative effects to our health, there are still 15% of the UK population classed as a smoker, according to the NHS PAS report in 2018.

There are many reasons to start smoking and stress, anxiety and worry can turn an ex smoker into a smoker again and kick start the habit. Smokers all know that smoking is bad for health and finances, but find it difficult to break the habit, and quickly become addicted.

Habits take time to create and once a habit is embedded in our subconscious mind its difficult to stop. Your subconscious doesn't know smoking is bad for you! The habit you have created often goes hand in hand with an activity, for example a coffee break, social with friends, stress, and routines.

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Common concerns

Breaking the habit and wanting to break the habit is the first stage to stopping. However concerns such as developing another bad habit instead such as over eating can often creep into our thoughts. If you have an addictive personality, stop smoking will be especially hard. These are the most common concerns listed below;

Symptom Cause Duration Relief
Craving for nicotine 2-4 weeks Walks; hot baths; relaxation techniques; nicotine replacement therapy.
Fatigue Nicotine is a stimulant 2-4 weeks Take naps; do not push yourself; nicotine replacement therapy.
Trouble Sleeping
Nicotine affects brain wave function, influences sleep patterns 1 week Avoid coffee, tea, or soda with caffeine after 6pm; relaxation and meditation techniques.
Dry or Sore Throat,
Nasal Drip
Body getting rid of mucus which has blocked airways and restricted breathing A few days Drink plenty of fluids; try cough drops or candy; chew gum.
Dizziness Body is getting extra oxygen 1-2 days Use extra caution; change position slowly.
Lack of
Body needs time to adjust to not having constant stimulation from nicotine A few weeks Plan workload accordingly; avoid additional stress during first few weeks.
Tightness in Chest Probably due to tension created by body's need for nicotine; may be caused by sore muscles from coughing A few days Relaxation and meditation techniques
Constipation, Gas,
Irregularity, Stomach Pain
Intestinal movement decreases for a brief period 1-2 weeks Drink plenty of fluids; add roughage: fruits, vegetables, and whole grain cereals.
Hunger Craving a cigarette can be confused with hunger pang; oral craving, desire for something in mouth Up to several weeks Drink water or low calorie liquids; be prepared with low calorie snacks.
Craving for a Cigarette Withdrawal from nicotine Most frequent first 2-3 days; can happen occasionally for months or years Wait out the urge. Cravings last only a few minutes. Distract yourself. Exercise; go for a walk.


Motivation and support

Most chemical methods to stop smoking simply help you resist the strong temptation to light up another cigarette. Hypnosis / NLP works much better because it makes the thought of another cigarette unbearable. NLP and hypnosis can make you simply not want another cigarette.

During our breakthrough session, you will go into deep hypnosis and as a non smoker you will instantly start to feel better and become pleased with your accomplishment that you will no longer want to smoke. You will change your habits and routines to support your new life as a non smoker. I will also use NLP to change the way you think and feel about smoking. We will use NLP to create positive anchors which you can use, should you have a moment of weakness. You can rewire your brain so that cigarettes become disgusting to you. In the truest sense, smoking becomes undesirable to the point where you would decline a cigarette even if it was magically 100% cancer-free. No temptation to overcome, just back to the way you were before you started smoking in the first place. The key to becoming an ex smoker is having the desire to stop!

There are many other addictions that I can help with. Please do contact me.

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