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About Hayley Austin AMACCPH


A regular girl from the beautiful English Lake District with big dreams, a high achiever. However life for me hasn't always been easy. I have faced struggles, made bad decisions and had failures. Feeling lost with no sense of direction. Being a mum, business owner and wife doesn't come easy.

My coaching and mentoring journey started in Network Marketing 6 years ago when we made the move to Yorkshire for my husband's job. Our son, Jacob, was then was just 18 months old. I Left my senior management career and started my own business as I did not want to miss out on my son growing up.

After 4 years of running a team, I felt there was something missing and was not feeling my best self. I discovered CAM Coaching (complimentary alternative medicine) and went on a personal development journey and discovered my true self.  No longer feeling stuck. Feeling like I have purpose again and clarity. During my journey i discovered that the thoughts and feelings i was having was all linked to worry and anxiety. Everyday I was trying to please people and forgetting about myself. I was emotionally exhausted and the thought of failure was not an option! The amount of pressure was truly overwhelming, and i soon realised i was putting myself under this pressure. I fealt alone, anxious and unhappy. NLP CAM coaching changed everything for me.

Now I'm passionate about helping other people get to where they want to be. To be happy, break free of worry, stress and anxieties.

My passion is to help as many people as I can to grow and develop themselves. With over 6 years experience mentoring and coaching and International Senior Management experience. I know how work pressure can take a hold of us and have lack of purpose.

I work with many clients who are stressed or stuck. Last year alone a record 17 million working days were lost due to stress, anxiety and depression, costing the economy at least £2.4billion, according to the UK Statistics Authority.

Helping with focus, clarity, and goal setting,. Working with the conscious mind and unconscious mind to get maximum breakthrough results that are instant.

Coaching is a journey of discovery, a chance to realign your values and move forwards with clairity.

I'm Proud to be fully certified NLP Life Transformation Coach, Author, Educator and Tutor.

Come on a journey with me and I look forward to meeting you.

2017-11-01 - Hayley Austin PB-30

Hayley Austin AMACCPH

NLP Life Transformation Coach