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Hayley Austin

As an award winning CAM Life & Business Coach and Stress Management & Mentoring specialist, I emphasise on offering a wide range of stress management and personal development programs to help professionals better handle their stress, anxiety, depression and other life struggles. I am also an NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist who specialises in offering a range of wellbeing services. My other areas of expertise include Life & Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, fear and phobia breakthrough programmes and addiction management.

My decision to venture into stress management coaching and NLP practice came after I personally experienced and dealt with stress as well as anxiety at work. It was only after I moved to Yorkshire for my husband’s job that I decided to start my own network marketing business. Following the decision, I quit my job as a senior manager and set up my own business. My son who was just a baby then was one of the reasons why I took to self-employment. I wanted to maintain a good work life balance and also take adequate care of my child. However after 5 years of being self-employed and running a network marketing business, I felt there was something missing in my life. I experienced lack of passion and incomplete as a self-employed individual. That’s when I decided to invest into myself and become a qualified coach.

Currently, I am working as a fully certified Master NLP Behaviour Change Life & Business Coach. I am also educator, tutor for the Life Practice UK Academy in Hitchin. I have also authored the book “Freedom from Anxiety”. 

I am passionate about helping people acquire a renewed sense of focus, purpose and confidence through adequate guidance, coaching and mentoring. My goal as an award winning and accredited behavioural coach is to promote mental wellness. I also have my own range of products that further help my client’s wellbeing. My products contain pure essential oils and select botanicals, which are cold-pressed.  My candles are 100% soy wax and made with lead free wicks. They are also vegan-friendly. 

With over 8 years of experience and knowledge in the area of coaching and mentoring and a further 3 years in developing my qualifications in psychotherapies, I pride myself in offering the best therapies that help my clients to discover their lost confidence. Today, I help people transform their lives for the better by encouraging them to change their thought process. I firmly believe that NLP has the power to transform the way people think and react to their life situations.

I believe in investing my time and positive energy with my clients enabling them to get rid of their self-limiting beliefs. My goal is to assist people in creating a life that they deserve and desire. My ability to use a range of modern psychotherapies backed techniques, coupled with my empathic approach has allowed me to guide and steer people in the right direction. I help my clients to put an end to their feelings of self-sabotaging and experience true freedom as well as continued growth & success. 


"I'm passionate about helping other people get to where they want to be. To be happy, break free of worry, stress and anxieties". Hayley Austin



2017-11-01 - Hayley Austin PB-30

Hayley Austin ASACCPH

Master NLP Behaviour Change Life & Business Coach