A new goal achieved! 50k + turnover in just 3 weeks…. eeeek

Hi readers

Well I am one very excited Sales Leader today. One of my goals was to generate over £50,000 in a campaign. Each campaign – book lasts for 3 weeks.

As a team in campaign 17 across my generations 1 – 3 (what we get paid on) we did £51,571.65 in just 3 weeks!! Wow wee this is huge and only 3 years into the business. what is even more fantastic is our actual figure of £67,649.19 which is all generations, everyone in my team. The extra £16,077.54 is generations 4+ I do not get paid on the extra 16k as this would have been classes as a pyramid scheme, which this is not as we do not get paid on everyone.

Ok so lets look at previous years figures to see my business growth based on our campaign 17. Generations 1 – 3

2013 Campaign 17 £2,098.88

2014 Campaign 17 £24,858.00

2015 Campaign 17 £31,188.74

2016 Campaign 17 £51,571.65

We all start with just YOU, that’s right just YOU. What you decide to do with your business is up to you.

For me personally I feel a huge sense of achievement to be able to generate a full-time wage on part-time hours is amazing in just 3 years whilst raising my son.

We have 10 levels in our business and earnings are uncapped. To achieve my next goal of Level 7 Executive I need to generate turnover £50,000 in a 3 week period – per campaign. I have achieved the sales needed but the structure below me wasn’t strong enough for me to achieve Level 7. However Campaign 18 has just started so we shall see if Level 7 happens this year.

I am very happy today and this has been achieved by having mentored and sponsored such a brilliant hard-working team, and they have duplicated this and mentored and sponsored their teams. Duplication is a wonderful thing. This is a people business and if you find the right people and help enough of them, you can achieve sales like this too.

The foundations are built, on wards and upwards to the next goal. Lets do this team, we can do this.

Thank you to all my sales leaders, and their teams, all our representatives and customers. The customer is the heart of our business, lets not forget this.

I can show you how to work fewer hours, be the stay at home mum, and earn more money, please do get in contact if you would like to know how.

Hails x

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