Today has been a “typical AVON day” with highs and lows. People are curious what role a Sales Leader does. For those representatives wanting to take the next step or for those who want to dip their toe in the water, here is my Monday.

8:00am Busy getting dressed and applying my AVON makeup whilst my 3 year old son Jacob wakes up and decides to talk to me about Batman. Trying to apply the new contouring set, and Jacob insists in helping by passing me my makeup brushes and pulling silly faces.

8:30am Breakfast done ✔️ Pre school bag packed ✔️ Jacob ready ✔️ Antibiotics taken for Jacob ✔️ Canvassing cards stamped ✔️ Car re filled with AVON books and sign up packs ✔️

9:00am Jacob dropped off at pre school, and breath.

9:30am Arrived at Sainsbury to collect Annette my first generation sales leader. Waited in car park due to Annette’s bus running late. Used my time to check up on any new leads, emails and Facebook notifications. Text team members to wish them a good day.

10:30am Annette and I head off to collect some of my retail books that we canvassed for new customers. Sadly got nothing, yes NOTHING. This is quite normal, ah well! I’ll check my DTMA for more available territory. There are always customers to find, I’ll find them elsewhere! I always do.

11:30am Arrive in Elland and Annette busy at sign up. I wonder off and do some prospecting. After knocking on a few random doors, boom! got one! Signed up a lovely lady called Victoria. Happy days ☺️

1:00pm lunch time, we head off to Morrisons for food. Whilst in Morrisons we caught up on messages, texts, emails. I received a call from Fiekd Sales Support Team Louise from area 804! Rather lovely as Louise just wanted a catch up. It’s great when AVON officials call me to see how I’m doing and showing interest.

2:00pm We head off to Almondbury and do some more prospecting. Almondbury was rather quite so we headed to the council estate and Annette got a sign up. Whoop 😁💄💄

2:45pm Annette and I head back to pick up our children.

3:00pm Jacob collected

4:00pm Catch up with Anita via phone (Another 1st generation leader), turns out Anita had a great retail day.

5:00pm Respond to all my messages that come flooding in from 4 ish and make calls.

5:30pm Time to check my order management, yes I’m on track! No orders HELD, no one to chase. Happy days. Follow up trial packs. Check in with newly signed representatives to book in the first order call.

6:00pm Cook tea.

From 6pm Wine ‘o’ Clock time 🍷🍷🍷

My night does not stop there, I have to plan for tomorrow and get some more books ready for a retail blanket drop. Will also speak to the rest of my leaders for a general catch up.

Had a fantastic day with Annette. Love my job. 💋

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